Ida chooses Diego. He denied it. Cries and screams at Men and Women

Ida chooses Diego. He denied it. Cries and screams at Men and Women
Ida chooses Diego. He denied it. Cries and screams at Men and Women

The next installments of Men and women announce themselves full of twists. In addition to the arrival of a new tronista (Matteo Ranieri, former choice of Sophie Codegoni), viewers will also witness the choice of Ida Platano who, according to the latest rumors, would have decided to abandon the program with Diego Tavani. Despite the red petals in the studio, however, a twist would have ruined the story and the couple would have burst even before going out behind the scenes.

To anticipate what will be broadcast in the next few days in the Maria De Filippi dating show was the site Blasting News, who told what happened during the recordings on Saturday 30 October, which we will see on Canale 5 starting next week. In the last episodes Ida and Diego had undertaken an acquaintance that was turning out to be positive. That the spark had broken out between the two was declared, in the course of a recent interview, the same Diego Tavani: “I like Ida a lot, I feel something special. I’m ready to move in for her“. A feeling that would have been reciprocated also by Platano, so much so as to push the couple to leave the program in an attempt to deepen the feeling away from the cameras.

Therefore, during the last registration i red petals in the studio with Ida and Diego happy and smiling ready to greet everyone. But before taking leave of the public, Platano would have decided to confront, one last time, with Tina Cipollari. There was never any good blood between the two and it seems that Ida wanted to remove a few pebbles from her shoe before finally leaving. Men and women. But it turned on lite triggered between the two women would have left Diego astonished. The knight would have felt excluded from Ida – overshadowed by the choice of love they were making in front of everyone – and would have taken a sensational step backwards. “Diego signaled to Maria that he would no longer leave the studio with the lady and that he would sit down again in the parterre of the knights of the throne over“, the advances report.

A real twist who would have frozen Ida Platano who, according to rumors, does not seem to have been able to make Diego retrace his steps. Also according to rumors, Tavani would not have held back the disappointment in front of the cameras, showing himself in tears for the sad ending.


Ida chooses Diego denied Cries screams Men Women

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