Capannelle, followed at the ATM and robbed by an armed man

They had just pre-washed at the ATM when they were threatened by a man with a knife, who attacked and kidnapped them. This is what happened in the Capannelle area. To reconstruct the facts, it was the men of the Flying Section and the Romanina Commissariat who managed to identify and arrest the person responsible for an aggravated robbery in competition in Piazza Ilia Peikov, in the Capannelle Statuario area.

According to the reconstruction, the victims were threatened with a knife while they were withdrawing cash at an ATM. The criminal, a 20-year-old Romanian, was immediately tracked down in via Dei Tigli, in the Centocelle area, where he was found in possession of the knife, the stolen goods and the car used to commit the blow.


Capannelle ATM robbed armed man

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