the guillotine is triggered on the demonstrations in Trieste. “No-vax as deserters” – Time

the guillotine is triggered on the demonstrations in Trieste. “No-vax as deserters” – Time
the guillotine is triggered on the demonstrations in Trieste. “No-vax as deserters” – Time

The trend of the epidemic in Friuli Venezia Giulia and in particular in Trieste has shown a progressive increase in the incidence in the last 4 weeks, but in the last week there has been a further worsening of the situation. And local politics takes a tough stand. In the region there have been 1,534 new Covid cases in the last week, with an incidence of 128 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. With the same number of swabs, there has been a doubling of the positivity rate in the last week. And today’s data show that the first threshold of intensive care has been exceeded: it is around 10%, while the threshold of 15% for ordinary wards is still far away. “The situation in Trieste – was explained by the president of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Massimiliano Fedriga, accompanied in the press point by the mayor of Trieste, Roberto Dipiazza – is of particular concern: in the last week the province has highlighted 801 new cases in one week , with an incidence of 350 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. They are double the cases compared to the previous week, with an exponential increase. A figure that brings us back to the spring of 2020 “.

“It is necessary – underlined Fedriga – to participate in the vaccination campaign, and with respect to those who take responsibility for continuing to spread lies, it is necessary to intervene, and say how things stand. Someone, after graduating as a virologist on Facebook, comes to tell us how vaccines work. The brilliant logic of those who are demonstrating against vaccines is ‘because driving in a car with a seat belt, if there is an accident I will still be injured’. Enough. People don’t care why some clowns go on the internet telling lies, and this crazy ideology is clouding some minds. And because I say these things clearly, I am continually receiving threats and insults. But we must also respect the health personnel, who have been fighting this pandemic from the beginning, respect all the economic activities that have closed down. I have always been a dialogue person, but after what we have seen it is the moment of clarity. The problem is not only the infections in the manifestations, but the messages that start from there and that in some cases take hold, putting everyone’s health at risk. Stop talking nonsense, just do damage to the health and economy of this area. In the midst of a pandemic, imbecility – concluded the governor – must not find space, I’m not afraid of four idiots “, he concluded.

Dipiazza also tough: “We will push for it to be established that the weight of any new restrictions will only be severe on those who are not vaccinated, because they are deserters. If this is a war, in a war there are those who are afraid, do not fight, are put to the wall and shot. Here we do not shoot anyone, but the weight of any new restrictions must rest exclusively on these deserters, who put everyone’s health at risk. Patience is over ”.

Also present at the press conference was the prefect of Trieste, Valerio Valenti, who banned the demonstrations until 31 December: “It is quite clear that the increase in infections is closely linked to the parades that took place in the city. We must think of interventions to be implemented precisely in the light of what we have seen. The wait these days was to translate these data into actions to be put in place. We will meet as the provincial committee of public order and safety and seek maximum coordination. The administrative action must have fees. For me at this moment the right to health prevails, and we must find ways not to repress the right to free manifestation, but at least to compress it. It is not a question of choosing between static or dynamic events, it is first of all necessary to provide for the possibility of adopting measures that anticipate, at least as regards marches and demonstrations from the yellow zone measures, the obligation of masks and distancing. Furthermore, we have seen that many of these people come from outside, and infect us. And we cannot allow so many people to continue to challenge the virus, get sick and spread it. For example, we must identify particularly harsh sanctions for the organizers of events in which masks are not used. Otherwise the risk is to get to the yellow zone quickly. I will now sign a provision in which we will add piazza Unità d’Italia to the places forbidden for demonstrations, at least until December 31st. And I make an appeal, you are free not to get vaccinated, to have swabs every 48 hours, but let the others live ”.

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