Exclusive event of the Templars in Milan. – Pugliapress

Exclusive event of the Templars in Milan. – Pugliapress
Exclusive event of the Templars in Milan. – Pugliapress

It is due to the foresight of Father Adeodato Leopoldo Mancini, who died in June 2015, the unification of the nine most important European Templar communions: among these the Knights Templar “Le sentinelle della Pietà del Pellicano” still stand out today – for organization and charity initiatives. .

The late Bishop of the Assyrian-Chaldean Church, ordained a priest in 1987 in the Orthodox Metropolia of the Old Portuguese Calendar, is responsible for the extraordinary push towards beneficial partnerships capable of giving added value to the activities of Templarism in Europe.

An example of this important legacy is represented by the collaboration between the Knights of the Pietà of the Pelican and the Ecumenical Order of Jerusalem.

On Sunday 31 October, in an exclusive location, the investiture ceremony of the Knights Templar of the Pietà del Pellicano was held in Milan: a propitious opportunity to plan the next activities in favor of the most needy as well as to increase the number of members of this order.

The ceremony was masterfully organized by Caterina Praticò, ambassador and Chancellor of the Commenda of Milan in collaboration with Silvano Maria Botta, commander of the Milan office.

The function presided over by the Grand Prior of Italy Antonino Iannello recorded the qualified presence – as spiritual assistant – of Mons. Giacomo Doglione – Bishop of Saluzzo and Seborga of the Italian Orthodox Church.

As proof of the fruitful collaboration between orders, the magistral delegation of the Ecumenical Order of Jerusalem was present in Milan led by the Lieutenant Grand Master Vicar Cav. Giovanni Alborghetti, accompanied by the dignitaries Cav. Giovanni Paolo Alborghetti – Grand Master of Ceremonies of the Order and by the Grand Chancellor Cav. Emanuele Bona.

On the sidelines of the meeting, the meeting held between the two representatives of the orders led to the determination about the realization of a new meeting in Brescia for an international ceremony that will bring together all the Grand Masters of the Orders of the Pietà del Pellicano as well as for the traditional wishes of a peaceful Holy Christmas.

Lieutenant Grand Master Vicar of the Ecumenical Order of Jerusalem, reached by telephone by our editorial staff, expressed great satisfaction for the renewal of the partnership between realities that represent the knightly mission with commitment and prestige, underlining how knights are not chosen today for wealth or nobility – as in ancient times – but for sound moral principles and for authentic fidelity to the word of God in his teachings of charity and solidarity.


Exclusive event Templars Milan Pugliapress

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