The house alarm goes off: what has changed since January

The house alarm goes off: what has changed since January
The house alarm goes off: what has changed since January

News in sight from next January for i building bonuses, with decidedly reduced advantages compared to the recent past: in fact, there are cuts to the facades bonus and the cancellation of the possibility of discounting the invoice and the transfer of credit, to access which now only remains the possibility of making all payments by the end of 2021.

The part dedicated to the discount on the invoice and the assignment of credit is that relating to art. 121 of the so-called Relaunch decree: in paragraph 2 it is specified that these benefits are granted for the deductions provided for in building and energy efficiency interventions carried out between 2020 and 2021 (such as renovations, facade bonuses or the installation of photovoltaic panels.

From next year, however, the invoice discount and credit transfer option will be valid only for those jobs that entitle you to Super bonus, with the exclusion of all other interventions: in article 8 of the text validated during the last Council of Ministers, the one relating to the extension of the concessions, there is in fact no trace of the other building bonuses.

Without subsequent interventions, therefore, the possibility of carrying out the work using the discount on invoice (with the exception of those who are entitled to the Superbonus). Put simply, from January 2022 these interventions will become inaccessible for those who do not have sufficient economic resources or for those who do not have the right fiscal capacity to benefit from the deductions. On balance, the opportunity remains valid only until the end of the current year. The Ministry of Economy has in fact already specified that for all the deductions provided for those interventions not included in the Superbonus, the concession remains even if the works have not yet been completed: by paying the entire invoice for work on the facade, you can get a 90% discount even if they actually start next year.

The hope remains that of being able to intervene again on the maneuver before the final step, also with the aim of giving certainties quickly to those who are still carrying out construction works. “The texts and news you read are not yet definitive at all”, he declares on Facebook the spokesperson in the Senate of the CnqueStelle Movement Gianni Pietro Girotto. “We are pressing for important changes. There are no definitive texts yet”.


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