largest cluster among No pass protesters. Events prohibited until the end of 2021

largest cluster among No pass protesters. Events prohibited until the end of 2021
largest cluster among No pass protesters. Events prohibited until the end of 2021

No Green Pass and increased infections. In Piazza Unità d’Italia a Trieste no more events can take place until December 31st. Together with the area of ​​San Giusto, where there is already an obligation of this type, also another of the most famous places in the city will be closed to various processions and gatherings. This was announced on prefect of Trieste, Valerio Valenti, as a measure that the Public Order and Safety Committee, meeting in these hours, is preparing to launch, following the worsening health situation in Trieste, also due to the demonstrations that took place.

Covid, Trieste fears the yellow zone: towards anti-gathering ordinance

Trieste banned protests in piazza Unità until December 31st

The provision will be launched “on the basis of the 2009 Maroni directive and will not concern events that should be organized by the Municipality or others such as the Barcolana,” explained Valenti. In addition, the Prefect indicated that there are strong sanctions to the organizers of events in which the legal obligations such as distancing between people and the obligation to wear a mask are not respected. The meeting of the Committee today will be followed by another tomorrow, which will be attended by institutional representatives from the entire region in order to have “the greatest possible coordination”. Valenti said that “between the right to health and the right to demonstrate, the former prevails, so it is necessary to identify forms for which the right to demonstrate is not repressed but compressed and limited, in the light of scientific evidence” according to which the helped create a major epidemiological outbreak in the city. The imperative is “to avoid the yellow zone and then the worst after that”. Finally, Valenti launched an appeal “to the demonstrators, to those who insist on violating the freedom of others: you are free not to get vaccinated, to swab but let the others live”.

The latest figures

“The increase in new cases in Trieste is exponential.” This was stated by the head of the regional health task force, Fabio Barbone, at a press conference with the leaders of the Region. “You go up very quickly and go down very slowly.” In the last week in the “province of Trieste, 801 new cases have been registered, double the previous week”. This “has led to an infection rate of 350 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 7 days, just under triple that of the rest of the region. The incidence data makes us go back to spring 2021 and autumn 2020 ». Now, “the variable time is fundamental”.

Outbreak among protesters: 93 infected

In Trieste there is «the largest outbreak in the region: 93 subjects, participants in no green pass events. An identikit obtained from the self-declarations of the people who have undergone a swab and who have declared, in fact, to have participated in demonstrations. Some cases, but these are minimal numbers, are of people who, out of obligation to work, have participated and had to follow the demonstrations ». This was stated by the head of the Fvg health task force, Fabio Barbone, during a press conference with the leaders of the Region on the health situation in Fvg.

The mayor’s alarm and the yellow zone risk

A return to the yellow zone would be “a disaster for the city” the mayor of Trieste said yesterday, Roberto Dipiazza, looking with concern at the data on infections from Covid 19, which increased in Friuli Venezia Giulia and in particular in the capital. “I am considering whether it is possible” to issue “an ordinance prohibiting gathering,” he said. The reference is to the succession of anti-Green pass demonstrations. Because “the most significant outbreak” in the city is connected precisely to the parades, recalls the vice president of the Fvg, Riccardo Riccardi. Yesterday there were 249 new infections in the region, of which 135 in Trieste. According to the weekly monitoring, the Fvg is the second region with the highest value of the incidence of Covid cases per 100 thousand inhabitants: 96.5, a figure almost double compared to 7 days earlier. Before the Fvg there is Bolzano (101.7); Veneto follows (61.4). According to Agenas calculations, the Covid employment rate in intensive care units in Fvg yesterday was 7%, up from 5% in ordinary wards. You pass into the yellow zone if you exceed 10% and 15% respectively.

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