The new Intel graphics card is coming, and we already have a spoiler

This new production of graphics cards could be one of the best ever made by Intel –

It seems that Intel has designed a new GPU specifically for gaming since it intends to compete with other manufacturers in the sector.

This new production of graphics cards could be one of the best ever made by Intel –

Intel, in August, he had already announced the release of a series of graphics cards exclusively for the gaming. In fact, in the same month, we had the opportunity to obtain some information about it thanks to the renderings of the GPU Arc Alchemist.

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Finding ourselves at October, therefore, we can analyze some real photos thanks to the video of the YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead, and according to what we remembered it seems that i leaks were released at the time data and not fakes. Now, let’s see how they will work the company’s next GPUs.

Information on graphics cards

First let’s talk about Arc, the Intel brand it plans to compete against NVIDIA GeForce e AMD Radeon. In the photos shown we see Arc Alchemist, as well as the first graphics card of the roadmap of the company. We know that the market launch could take place within the first few three months of the 2022.

In addition, we also remind you that others may be released during these periods Images, or of the interesting information which might suggest some news more on GPU by Intel.

Be that as it may, Arc Alchemist appears to be offering one TDP of 225W similar to those generated by a NVIDIA RTX 3070 a 512EU with 4.096 core it’s a chip with a frequency of 2.5 GHZ, as well as 16 GB of GDDR6 video memory. Because of two power connectors PCI-E and at slot with which it will be equipped, the graphics card should ensure aoutput of 300W in total, in addition it seems that it will be made through a production process TSMC a 6nm.

And thanks to others information in this regard, the possibility that they can exit is not even excluded many variations of a single graphics card. The purpose, of course, would be to cover more segments of the market in order to compete more with opposing clubs.

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Among the possible we will see those from 448EU, 384EU, 256EU and finally 128EU for the model entry level. But don’t worry; although some versions do not appear to be too much performing, the graphics core implemented in the GPUs it is, in any case, superior to what it had been integrated in the past in Intel graphics cards.

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