“Embarrassing, enough of this stuff” – Libero Quotidiano

“Embarrassing, enough of this stuff” – Libero Quotidiano
“Embarrassing, enough of this stuff” – Libero Quotidiano

We cry to very true, in the episode broadcast on Canale 5 on Sunday 31 October Un pianto fiume, che Silvia Toffanin can’t hold back. In the studio there is Eleonora Pedron, which tells a dramatic part of his life. The presenter is unable to hold back the emotion, perhaps in a too blatant way, so much so that a part of the public criticizes her on social media. Pedron talks about her autobiographical book, which is entitled I did it for you: talks about some tragic events that have marked his life. Toffanin immediately appears visibly moved and – strangely enough – a part of the public criticizes her fiercely on Twitter, in a deluge of a series of fiery comments.

“You were only 9 when your sister and your mom were involved in an accident,” says Toffanin. And Pedron replies: “I remember everything, I didn’t really know what it meant to go to heaven. I didn’t want to see mine suffer and I kept everything inside ”. Then a clip on the disappearance of Nives, Pedron’s sister, airs. “They are memories that cannot be erased. But when I think of them I think of the most beautiful things ”, he continues to tell.

But Pedron’s life is marked by many pains, among them the death of a child that his mother lived. “And a child is the worst thing that can happen, you die inside,” he says. The Toffanin hit. “My mom now says her life is a little superficial, but it went on for my brother and me. He always tells me: ‘I know that someone loves me from up there’ “, underlines the former Miss Italy. And then the memory of her father. On 13 May 2002 Eleonora and her father, returning from Milan, had a terrible car accident, where her father lost his life. “He covered you with his body to protect you,” says Toffanin.

Then that desperate cry and the flood of criticism on Twitter. In short, haters in action. Here are some of the messages: “Respect for pain, but this exposure of pain is really excessive”; “It’s okay to empathize, but it really seems excessive to me. It’s not an interview, it’s a journey of hope”; “But enough with this tv of tears! Give us a cheerful and carefree Sunday TV! “;” However the Toffanin is embarrassing, a bit of professionalism! “. Yeah, Toffanin” beaten “because she was moved …

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Embarrassing stuff Libero Quotidiano

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