Coronavirus Tuscany, positive on the rise. Under 12 at risk – Chronicle

Coronavirus Tuscany, positive on the rise. Under 12 at risk – Chronicle
Coronavirus Tuscany, positive on the rise. Under 12 at risk – Chronicle

Florence, 1 November 2021 – The virus continues to circulate. The epidemic curve is still growing. And it does so more markedly than the previous week it was recorded the turnaround with a rise of 16%. In the week that ended yesterday there were 2,125 new cases, compared to 1,638 in the seven days before: the increase is 29.7%, slightly lower than the Italian average, at 32.1%.

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The weekly incidence of new positives returns to 58 per 100 thousand inhabitants, although the growth is different in the various Tuscan territories, mainly located in the South East (+ 92%) and North West (+ 32%) ASL areas, while in those of the Asl Centro is 7%.

The increase in hospitalizations is still contained, 8.9% in one week, although Tuscany has a high number of hospitalizations (270 to yesterday) compared to other regions of similar size: in Puglia there are 146, in Piedmont (albeit with 600 thousand more inhabitants), the same in Veneto which has over a million additional residents.

Intensive care presences remained stable, with 28 beds occupied compared to 24 on the previous Sunday. Modest growth but that has already raised the level of attention: due to the increase in cases in the week that has just closed, hospitals have already been alerted. As for the stratification by age group, many new positives were registered among the very young.

The percentage of infections among the under 12 who do not have access to vaccination rises: they represent 18.8% of new cases, doubling its own demographic weight. The increase in cases is marked by an increase in the incidence of new positives on first diagnosis swabs (the percentage increased from 2.9 in the previous week to 3.9% of the one just ended) in the face of a diagnostic activity slightly lower. The swabs of the first diagnosis carried out were 54,938 against 55,658 in the previous week.

Last year, without vaccinations, the increase in cases – which had almost disappeared between June and July – began with small numbers in August to give rise to exponential growth from the end of September, doubling week after week, giving life to the second epidemic wave. In the week on horseback between September and October of 2020 the recorded cases were 1,013, then 2,581 in the following one, then again 4,642, 8,488, to arrive between 26 October and 1 November to count 15,352 without yet having reached the peak. The growth trend is confirmed.

For the next few weeks, epidemiologists expect an increase in cases that, thanks to the vaccination and the third doses in progress, it can remain contained and does not increase the number of hospitalizations and deaths, as happened with the fourth summer wave.

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