Warsaw, seven boys from Florence beaten to death: 3 are serious

Warsaw, seven boys from Florence beaten to death: 3 are serious
Warsaw, seven boys from Florence beaten to death: 3 are serious

November 1, 2021 – 10:59 AM

Victims of a mistaken identity. The most serious will have to be operated on. The attackers wore handbags and beat to leave deep marks

from Corriere Fiorentino editorial staff

They took them from behind, attacked and beat them to death. Violent night for 7 Italian boys who were in Poland, where their vacation has turned into a nightmare. The group of young people, all in their twenties, was in Warsaw: the attack took place outside a nightclub at 4 am between Friday and Saturday. The boys all live in Scandicci, a town in the Florentine metropolitan area. The attack, reports «La Nazione», was of unprecedented violence: the thugs wore handbags and beaten to leave deep marks. Three Italian boys ended up in hospital after the attack. The most serious has fractures to a cheekbone and eye socket, as well as a foot: will have to be operated on. A second boy is under observation for a possible internal bleeding in the abdomen after being kicked in the stomach, the third young man from Scandicci suffered more minor injuries and was discharged after a night in the hospital.

Based on an initial reconstruction by the Polish police, the seven Italians would end up at the center of an exchange of people. The gang that beat them up had gone out hunting for another group of Italians, it is not clear why they wanted to make him pay. But the investigations are underway, in Warsaw the agents have interrogated the 20-year-olds hospitalized and their friends several times. The group left Scandicci last Thursday to visit two friends who are studying in Poland for Erasmus. «My son – says Beatrice, the mother of one of the young patients – was the first time he took the plane for a trip. The boys are very close. They grew up together, we parents know each other and we hang out. It is a really difficult, absurd situation ». The parents of the young man who will have to undergo the surgery have already left for Warsaw, the relatives of the others are in contact with the embassy.

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November 1, 2021 | 10:59



Warsaw boys Florence beaten death

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