Very true, Michelle Hunziker confesses the disease

Guest of the episode of “Verissimo” on Sunday 31 October, in Silvia Toffanin’s living room on Canale 5, Michelle Hunziker told of her great love for her mother Ineke. The two had separated in a difficult time for Michelle, but then they found each other with immense joy. Today Michelle takes care of her mother with a lot of affection. Hunziker then confided for the first time that she contracted Covid a year ago.

Michelle Hunziker, guest of the episode of Sunday 31 October of “Very true”, led by Silvia Toffanin on Canale 5, spoke of the mother Ineke and their relationship yesterday and today.

The presenter has just started with the new adventure with “All Together Now”.

Michelle Hunziker talks about her relationship with her mother Ineke

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Michelle he said let’s call the lady at home Ineke “The general”, but she is also a very tender woman.

The Swiss presenter also said that hugging her mother again after the years she was in sect it was one of the best days of his life.

When she got out of that addiction – said la Hunziker – finding it was like being reborn.

And he stressed that finding the parents, if for some reason they are lost, is the best thing.

Speaking of the mother, moreover, Michelle she said that her parent has taught her a lot starting from independence, from the importance of creating a future where you can choose what to do, who to stay with.

Today the Mrs. Ineke he is 78 years old. The daughter is found to take care of her.

Commented Michelle who now acts as a mother to her mother, but considers it right and beautiful as well. When he sees her happy, she is happy.

Michelle confesses to fans: “I had it too, like Gerry Scotti”

In studio a “Very true” it was then shown for her a video message from Gerry Scotti.

The two have shared for a while, in alternating periods, the counter of “Strip the News”.

Gerry reserved for Michelle words of esteem and affection, which moved the presenter.

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The Hunziker he recalled the hard time he went through Scotti when, in November 2020, it was hit hard by the Covid and was hospitalized.

After moments of fear, the conductor of “Free fall” fortunately he recovered.

At this point Michelle made a confession.

The Hunziker, in fact, he revealed that he had had the Covid in the same period of Gerry and not having done well.

Unlike his friend and colleague, however, Michelle she didn’t have to go to the hospital.

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