Inter-Udinese slow motion. CorSport: “Sacchi ok but doubtful penalty on Dumfries”

“The slow motion of Inter-Udinese. Sacchi ok but doubtful penalty on Dumfries” writes the Corriere dello Sport commenting on the slow motion episodes of the match between the Nerazzurri and the Bianconeri. Hard face to face with Deulofeu (“if he had accompanied him with a yellow it would have been applause”). Adjust Correa’s 2-0. Some more doubts about a contact on Dumfries: “Barella’s shot, Silvestri’s parade, ball towards Dumfries, close to him Stryger Larsen starts with a slight delay, puts his right arm under his shoulder, it seems almost a hook, the outside The Nerazzurri ends up on the ground. Maybe, like this, maybe they read as a penalty, but let’s think about the counter-proof: had he assigned it, would the VAR (Di Paolo) have removed it? “.


InterUdinese slow motion CorSport Sacchi doubtful penalty Dumfries

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