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the confession in a note

the confession in a note
the confession in a note

Murder-suicide in Turin last night where a 78-year-old man killed his wife while she slept and then took his own life by shooting himself with the same gun a shot in the head. The 112 was alerted by the same man after hitting his 75-year-old wife. At home, the military found a note written by the killer before killing himself.

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Has before killed the wife firing a shot at her pistol, and then with the same weapon he took his own life. Homicide-suicide last night a Torino where a 78-year-old man, whose identity has not yet been disclosed by the police, killed his 75-year-old wife in the apartment in via San Quintino where they lived and then committed suicide with a gunshot to the head .

The wife killed in bed while she slept

The two corpses were found by the carabinieri who arrived on the scene alerted by the same man who, after having killed his wife, took the phone and dialed 112. He confessed the murder to the police, then took up the gun and took his own life. The soldiers arrived in the apartment shortly after and found the two lifeless bodies. The 78-year-old was on the floor while his wife was in bed: according to a first hypothesis it is likely that her husband shot her while she was sleeping.

In the note left at home an apology to the children

At home the carabinieri found a note presumably left by the man before making the atrocious gesture. In a few lines he would have explained what he was about to accomplish by apologizing to his children. According to what is learned, it seems that the gun was regularly held by the 78-year-old.

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