“Quiet, we do not want …”, sensational on Rai 1 – Libero Quotidiano

“Quiet, we do not want …”, sensational on Rai 1 – Libero Quotidiano
“Quiet, we do not want …”, sensational on Rai 1 – Libero Quotidiano

Incredible, but true. Very high tension on the axis Mara VenierFrancesco Giorgino, all when Sunday In it must give way to a special edition of Tg1, all obviously on Rai 1 on Sunday 31 October. The point is, Venier has to give up the line right in the middle of the interview with Ferzan Ozpetek.

And here at that point, Venier throws her a little in caciara, in short, he jokes and a little regrets about the stop: “But is it a very brief thing? Tell me something. Leave me like this, nobody talks, but what kind of men are you?” Towards the East, when she and Katia Ricciarelli they were forced to quickly liquidate the live broadcast from Lecce due to a violent storm.

And in short, after the joke of Venier down laughter in the studio. Too bad that on the other side there is Francesco Giorgino, less amused, waiting for his turn for the special edition on the G20 in Rome nearing completion. Here, however, Giorgino takes the floor: “We will be very short, calm, because we certainly do not want to disturb the regular progress of your transmission“, he says a little controversial. At that point Venier tries to speak, but Giorgino increases the dose:” My name is Francesco Giorgino and I am the host of this special edition of TG1, the third one we have been doing since last Monday and of course we will take the line around 4 pm “. In short, moments of tension. At that point, Venier closes the dispute with a laconic” thanks to Francesco Giorgino “. But how much tension …

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Quiet sensational Rai Libero Quotidiano

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