Covid, Rome remembers with a mural Luciano Quaglieri, a nurse hero who died a year ago –

Covid, Rome remembers with a mural Luciano Quaglieri, a nurse hero who died a year ago –
Covid, Rome remembers with a mural Luciano Quaglieri, a nurse hero who died a year ago –

The memory of the blackest days of Covid, the second terrible wave of autumn 2020 that came after a summer of revelry and wickedness, is in the face of a handsome man, cheerful, affectionate, always available. A “piece of bread”, they say in Rome: “Lucianone”, a good giant over two meters high, was a nurse at San Filippo Neri and everyone, head physicians, room managers, patients, have never forgotten it. He died on November 13 a year ago, crushed by the coronavirus that he fought in the ward every day, and now his face is there, on the outer wall of the San Filippo Neri station of the Rome-Viterbo line, a few steps from the hospital where he worked: the mural announced months ago by the XIV town hall, supported by a petition with thousands of signatures and by the personal commitment of the former mayor Virginia Raggi, it was completed in recent days, between tears of joy and melancholy.

Giant format. Cheerful, colorful. Struggling, due to the sincere expression and the colored bandana from which Luciano Quaglieri, happy husband and father of two daughters, who flew away too early, at the age of 47, never separated. For a matter of hygiene but also of temperament, to give a smile to those who assisted and comforted. To the icons of the capital celebrated by the street art, famous people in the world such as Alberto Sordi (remembered at Garbatella) or Gigi Proietti (at Tufello), from today we therefore add a hero of everyday life. A common man and at the same time extraordinary, whose merit was doing his job well, with love and passion. Basically this is one of the strong lessons from the pandemic, the desire to give our best and be better to beat it, to save others before ourselves.

Luciano was gone in a few days, when the virus was invincible, and in these hours many travelers before entering the station pay homage to him with a moved thought, a sign of the cross, a “hello” thrown with the hand, before running inside and getting on the train. «I remember that sad day when I turned off the respirator …. Bad thing. Amen », writes on Fb Roberto Di Cesare, his distraught colleague, under the photo of the completed work (and edited in its feasibility by the architect Gina Portale) posted by Cinquestelle councilor Sandro Chinni, signatory of the motion in the Town Hall. «This mural – he explains – represents a symbol for health workers who have lost their lives and for those who continue to sacrifice themselves. Luciano was an example of professionalism and dedication ». The the first to pay homage to the hero nurse was a neurosurgeon from San Filippo, Shahram Sherkat, who had launched a petition then signed by almost 50,000 citizens: “Now guys – exhorts the doctor – we have to gather under that mural on November 13, one year after Lucianone’s death, to hug him and all our colleagues who died while fighting “. Stories of pain, solidarity and resilience, at the time of the coronavirus. ([email protected])

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Covid Rome remembers mural Luciano Quaglieri nurse hero died year Corriereit

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