gives the wrong penalty and Theo Hernandez …

Rome 1-2 AC Milan. Arbitrator Maresca of Naples: vote 4

Usually, very modest Maresca, absolutely poor performance, makes all the important decisions of the game wrong (obviously even the less decisive ones) and makes a mistake with the VAR, very serious. It is clear: Rocchi has no referees to match, he has to send the ones he has, at this point he will direct a big match in a first year, at least he will make it grow (Maresca is in the ninth year between A and B, he will not grow anymore, better dedicate himself to being president of the Naples section). He whistles the penalty for Milan and also ignores Mazzoleni’s attempt (reckless, eh? We are at the limits of the protocol) to make him repent, expels Theo Hernandez for double yellow (but how many did he extract? Ah, yes: 11, including those of the double yellow, a record; then a clear one is forgotten at Ballo-Toure), but the action is marred by a probably foul contact by Felix on Krunic. Ignore (and with him the VAR) the touch of Kjaer on Pellegrini’s leg, the only one to take the ball (because Dumfries-Alex Sandro is a penalty and not this?). Two goals canceled against Milan, Leão and Ibra: ok, offside. Arm to body of Ballo-Toure.

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Roma-Milan: the photosequence of Ibanez’s intervention on Ibrahimovic

No rigore

Ibra in the area faced by Ibanez: there is a first contact side to side, probably what Maresca identifies as the foul (he makes the image stop during the OFR), but what a foul it is not. A contrast, with the ball at play distance from both. The slow motion highlights two other things: Ibrahimovic drags his right foot, which hits Ibanez, while the latter clearly touches the ball. Mazzoleni calls him to the monitor, a daring initiative, but evidently he is convinced that it is not rigor, Maresca instead confirms his decision.

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Ibrahimovic drags Milan: Roma beaten and Mourinho furious


In the Milan area, Kjaer hits Pellegrini’s right leg with his right foot, which touches the ball: not a kick, but at San Siro, in Inter-Juve, OFR was made and Mariani gave a penalty, in Empoli in Empoli-Inter on Bajrami neither review nor rigor. What did we say? A yes, clarify, please.

But which red

Theo Hernandez opposes, lying down, to Pellegrini’s progression, he finds the second yellow card. But the action was born with a contact between Felix and Krunic that could be punished, another mistake by Maresca.

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Roma-Milan, the Pellegrini-Kjaer contact in full recovery that infuriated Mourinho

VAR: Mazzoleni 4.5

He too in the sinking of the Olimpico.

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Roma-Milan 1-2, the numbers of the challenge


wrong penalty Theo Hernandez

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