Maneuver 2022, Parliament prepares changes to the text: waiting for the Ata and the extension of the Covid staff

Maneuver 2022, Parliament prepares changes to the text: waiting for the Ata and the extension of the Covid staff
Maneuver 2022, Parliament prepares changes to the text: waiting for the Ata and the extension of the Covid staff

In the next few days, the process of approving the Bilanco Law will start: the Chambers will have to approve it by 31 December, so that it will enter into force on 1 January next.

Immediately after the approval of the text by the cabinet, that has allocated 30 billion euros in the expansion maneuver, of which 12 to cut taxes, the Parliament he prepares to welcome it, already thinking about where take action for changes.

Some themes – from the renewal of Super bonus al Income citizenship, passing through the Covid staff – have already raised controversy. Starting from next week the measure will arrive at Senate, where the exam starts this year. For the changes there will be at least 500 million euros available.

On the opposite pensions, the Uil attacks Quota 102 calling it “a mockery” because it allows only 15 thousand people to go out. The Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Economy are working to review i personal criteria for access to Woman option.

On the front of the‘Covid staffInstead, the measure currently applies to teachers, but the political parties (M5S and Lega above all) are working hard to present amendments and remedy the situation.

The schedule of the Budget Law

It starts on November 2: the provision will first be sent to the two branches of Parliament, and therefore to keep up with the times it will be necessary to limit the examination to two readings: one from the Senate and one from the House. Montecitorio, in order to respect the approval times, will in fact have to limit itself to approving the armored text of the Senate. It will therefore be Palazzo Madama the first room where you will start the exam and the vote on parliamentary changes to the text approved by the government. Normally the process will begin with the hearings of the main institutions, from Istat to the Bank of Italy, including the social partners and all categories. Normally the cycle of hearings ends with the Minister of Economy Daniele Franco.

In the days 15-19 November, the first green light for the Tax Decree is expected, which must be approved by 20 December. Its process has already begun in the Senate, with the assignment to the Finance and Public Works commissions.

13-17 November, on the other hand, this week will focus thereexamination of the Senate. The text of the maneuver will arrive first in the Budget Commission of Palazzo Madama. Then it will pass the word to Camera (first in the Budget Commission then in the Chamber).

We arrive at 6-11 December: Montecitorio will have to give the final ok to the tax decree. He will then move on to examine the budget bill, at which point the deputies will have until the end of the year to approve the provision. The text should go through without changes, otherwise a third reading by the Senate will be required.

The budget session generally ends by Christmas, so by December 23.

Time is very short, which is why we often hold even night sessions to examine and vote on the numerous amendments that the parliamentary groups or parliamentarians themselves present to the text.

Budget Law 2022, from Covid staff to physical education teachers, all measures

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