Gf Vip 6, the kiss (again) between Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge takes place

The new edition of the GF VIP 6 started in September and several are the protagonists of the transmission of Alfonso Signorini. Between these Soleil Rises e Sophie codegoni, which are doing a lot of discussion in these hours. The two girls, during the night of Halloween, were the protagonists of a kiss that sent the people of the web into a frenzy.

Last night the authors of the GF VIP they issued a press release to the competitors of the House. For the night of Halloween the VIPs had to be very careful because they risked turning into zombies! The first to fill the role was Sophie codegoni who “zombified” Alex Belli, which he in turn has captured Soleil. Just the actor and the former suitor of Men and women they are more and more accomplices and in the past few hours they have been the protagonists of a playful approach, between hugs and laughter.

In general fun for this game devised by the Big Brother there was also a hot moment that involved three protagonists of this edition.

It all started from Alex Belli who, thanks to a few glasses too many, showed the two roommates what a cinematic kiss is, kissing both worries that the Codegoni.

Later the two girls also gave birth to a curtain that left the actor speechless and sent the people of the web into a frenzy. There were many comments that compared the scene SophieSoleil with the kiss of the last edition between Rosalinda Cannavo e Dayane Mello.

The people of Twitter did not spare even the kiss between Alex e Soleil, protagonists already in the last episodes of a dangerous approach.

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Vip kiss Alex Belli Soleil Sorge takes place

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