The WhatsApp trick to chat with people you don’t know

The WhatsApp trick to chat with people you don’t know
The WhatsApp trick to chat with people you don’t know

The huge difference between WhatsApp and a traditional social network is that on the former we can only talk to people whose phone number we know, while on the latter we can potentially contact anyone. We simply look for this person and send them a so-called direct message.

Wouldn’t it be nice to carry this social feature also on WhatsApp? The fact that we can’t talk to someone “alone” because he didn’t give us his number is just a shame.

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In fact, a trick to get around what appears to be a structural barrier to the platform exists and has a name: True Caller. This is an application that practically acts as a Yellow Pages (the younger ones don’t know what they are); practically a telephone directory full of names and their telephone numbers.

This archive, which costs € 1.99 per month, allows you to search for whoever you want and add them to your contacts. Of course if you decide to use this service you will agree to add your number inside as well (this is how it actually feeds). This makes life easier for many people who want to get in touch but don’t quite know how.

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