Assault on Capitol Hill, so the FBI didn’t avoid the devastation: the clues ignored before the attack

Long before January 6, 2021, that is, before the assault on Capitol Hill took place, several signals had circulated about a potentially violent event that could have occurred in close proximity. Presumably underestimated signals by the US FBI and other Washington law enforcement agencies who have failed to act in advance, based on recorded reports, to promptly block or at least face the attack on the Capitol which took place on January 6 last, just two weeks before the new Joe Biden administration took office. This and other responsibilities are dealt with by the investigation published today by Washington Post, a long analysis that involved 60 journalists who worked for about 5 months, collecting over 230 interviews and examining thousands of pages of documents, along with videos, photographs and audio recordings.

Information before the assault

There are many and significant information that arrived in the days before the assault on the officials who deal with the security of the White House. In particular, the investigation reports of a tip reached the FBI on December 20, according to which supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump were discussing on online channels about how to introduce weapons in the Washington district due to police checks. . According to this track, in December, therefore, it was already known that a group of people, convinced that they were taking orders from Trump, was planning the violence on the Capitol. In the chats analyzed, it seems that the rioters used code words such as “pickaxe” to indicate guns without being detected. Furthermore, according to what was discovered, the times and locations of four meeting points throughout the country where to meet before the collective mobilization were published on the channels.

The target

According to Washington Post, there was even the clear name of a senator as a target to hit: Mitt Romney, Republican of Utah. Not surprisingly, Romney was one of seven Senate Republicans who voted to condemn Trump on charges of inciting an insurrection, brought by the House of Representatives during a second impeachment of the former president. An FBI official also appears to have noticed prior to the assault an “important” number of warnings relating to threats to Congress and other government officials. But when this information was sent to law enforcement in Washington, the matter was not investigated and no preventive measures were taken. More than 600 people are accused of taking part in the violence. More than 100 police officers were injured, one died the next day and four killed themselves in the months to come.

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