Inps payments, under whose turn it is: the November calendar

In November, the calendar adopted in the previous months will probably be followed. The payment cycle will be closed by the RdC. Unknown Emergency income.

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Pensions, Naspi, Emergency income and citizenship. The month of November, like its predecessors, will bring with it the payment calendar of INPS. Dates not yet formalized but which, approximately, can be plotted on the basis of previous months. The list also includes the balances of the Temporary allowance which, we remind you, starting from January 2022 will become an effective measure, combining various family bonuses. In any case, the first top-ups should concern concessions such as the purchasing card and the October Naspi.

As for bonuses and allowances such as Citizenship Income, you will have to wait until the second half of the month, following the guidelines adopted also in recent months. To close it should be the charging of the RdC, expected to be on the 27th of the month. The issue of Emergency Income remains: the last top-up should concern the September installment, while there is no further news for the future. It is likely that the support will be merged into other measures, with reconversion of resources.

November, month of payments: when the INPS top-ups will arrive

As for the standard facilities, there should be no big news. The top-up on the purchase card is expected between 1 and 10 November. Naspi should follow, between 8 and 16 of the month. A period of about a week, during which however, all payments should go through provided for unemployment benefit. Last call also for the arrears of the temporary single check, which is expected to be recharged by the 15th of the month. From 15 November onwards, however, it will be up to the new recipients of the Income and Citizenship Pension.

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Instead, we will have to wait until the end of the month for the payments of the ordinary top-ups of both measures. Towards the end of the month (from November 18 onwards), it will be the turn of the Baby and Irpef bonuses, scheduled for the 18th and 23rd respectively. The ordinary pensions will follow the calendar adopted up to now and expected until the end of the state of emergency. From 24 to 30, following the alphabetical order, the Post Office will issue the required checks, according to the directives used to guarantee safety and avoid gatherings. From 23 to 27 it will be the turn of NoiPa accreditations, while the integration of the Single Check on Citizenship Income will close the circle, from 27 November onwards. Official status is awaited. Then it will be the turn of the money.

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