The Incredible Case of Commodity Rising Caused by Silly Memes

The rise in commodity prices is a real global alarm because it is causing a truly insidious inflationary flare-up.

The factors of these increases are many and entire sectors are suffering severely from these shortcomings. The economy as a whole is damaged because it becomes difficult for many companies to produce. In fact, with the increase in upstream costs, the costs of the goods produced should also increase, but this is not always possible and consequently the supply chains suffer. But in the context of this situation, we sometimes come across strange and even a little crazy events. There is a shortage of tungsten in America. That said, it doesn’t seem like anything special given that many raw materials currently report shortages, shortages and supply difficulties.

Crisis of meme

But here the situation is very different. A bizarre fashion born in the world of non-fungible tokens led to the viral creation of Meme on tungsten. In particular on very heavy but small tungsten cubes to keep on the desk. Don’t ask us what sense this makes because they are the typical completely empty fashions exploding on the internet and in which everyone feels the indecipherable urge to participate. The fact is that these tungsten cubes that weigh almost 20 kg and which apparently are pleasant to the touch, are flocking to the desks of all those who have become entangled by this round of viral Memes. The tragicomic consequence is that tungsten stocks are now starting to run out in the United States.

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This fashion has spread to post pictures of tungsten cubes, to make jokes about tungsten cubes, to say how beautiful they are, how pleasant it is to touch them, and so on. And so now a shortage has been created dictated by a silly collective joke.

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After the Meme stock we discover that the Memes can also create increases in the price of raw materials. They are the small and big delusions of the virtual world.


Incredible Case Commodity Rising Caused Silly Memes

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