Vaccines, the first doses of J&J in Niguarda. Here is the map of the most covered areas –

The click day of the over 60s started an hour early: from 23 yesterday 900,000 sixty-year-olds (over 252,000 65-69-year-olds have already booked, out of the total of 1,189,119 over 60s) ready to make their appointment and the lucky ones to grab the few slots available for the next few days. While for the over 65s, in fact, the Region has managed to simultaneously start bookings and some administrations (46,000 in four days), for the 60-64 year-olds it could take a few more days.

For now, they say from Welfare, until 9 May the agendas are almost full. From the “Bertolaso ​​plan”, the over 60s should have been vaccinated starting from that date, but “if there are open slots – they assure -, they will be available sooner”. In particular, “from 3 May new vaccine lines could open”.

To get an idea of ​​the Lombard run-up, since yesterday anyone can access the new portal on the Region’s website which contains all the numbers of the anti-Covid campaign. The daily pace rose again, reaching 68,638 on Wednesday. Lombardy has so far administered 2.6 million vaccines, 80.5% of deliveries. 71.57% of the immunized received Pfizer, 21.75% Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca), 6.68% Modern. And soon the fourth arrived will be added: Johnson & Johnson, of which the first 30,550 doses expected from last Friday arrived in Niguarda yesterday. Going to the categories: the last two undergoing vaccination (over 70 and over 65) travel at a rate of over 32,000 doses per day, the former (for a total of 320,280 already vaccinated), over 10,000 the latter (46,238 in total). 122,000 are extremely fragile and their caregivers vaccinated so far.

The most “covered” province, with the highest percentage of citizens already vaccinated with the first dose, is Cremona, with 24.23%; Milan is at 19.62%. Looking at the regional map, the darker shades at the municipal level stand out. The city with the highest dose coverage ever is Viggiù, in the province of Varese, with 69.48%. And it is no coincidence: Viggiù is among the four municipalities placed in the red zone on February 17, in a Region then completely in yellow, due to the emergence of contagion clusters linked to the English variant of Covid. Here the first mass vaccination (aimed at all over 60s) started when still in Lombardy only health workers and over 80s were vaccinated. Similarly, the famous “health cordon” of municipalities on the border between the provinces of Brescia is highlighted. and Bergamo, in addition to Soncino, affected in February by a sharp increase in infections and where the same extraordinary vaccination campaign started.

Announcing the goal of 68,000 administrations per day, the president of Lombardy Attilio Fontana stressed: «Now we find ourselves slowing down due to the shortage of vaccines. We need to implement the supply, so we can also reach 100,000 a day ». Sunday kicks off the new hub at the Palazzo delle Scintille, in Citylife, organized to administer approximately 10 thousand inoculations per day, from 8 to 20 weekends inclusive, through 72 vaccination lines. It is about «the largest area set up in Italy together with that of the Brescia Fair“. On Sunday the first 2,000 vaccinations, mainly dedicated to extremely vulnerable patients.

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