G20 in Rome, over 5 thousand reinforcements to watch over the Corriere.it summit

G20 in Rome, over 5 thousand reinforcements to watch over the Corriere.it summit
G20 in Rome, over 5 thousand reinforcements to watch over the Corriere.it summit

For the supervision of the G20 at the EUR which will begin on Friday in the capital have been deployed 5.296 unit of reinforcement of the forces of police and of armed forces, of which 2.542 of the state police, 1.774 of the Carabinieri, 580 of the Guardia di Finanza e 400 military units, by virtue of a special and temporary extension of the contingent of Operation “Safe Roads” reserved for Rome, which thus rises to a total of about 2 thousand soldiers. the provisions of the National Committee for Public Order and Security which was held on Thursday morning at the Viminale, chaired by the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese. Present the undersecretary of state Nicola Molteni, the chief of police Lamberto Giannini, the general commanders of the carabinieri and finance, Teo Luzi and Giuseppe Zafarana, with the heads of the Defense Staff and information and security organizations, with the prefect of the capital Matteo Piantedosi.


Measures have been launched for the G20 with an articulated and targeted series of devices which, also thanks to the strengthening of prevention activities and the intensification of territorial and web surveillance services, to ensure the regular performance of the international summit and the necessary protection of foreign delegations. Implement the surveillance and defense of the capital’s airspace through the collaboration of specialized assets of the Armed Forces, including anti-drone systems, but also a no fly zone from Friday to Sunday night, even for visual flights within a 35-mile radius of the target, or the Nuvola and the Palazzo dei Congressi, where the works of the event will take place. A large slice of Eur will be closed to traffic, except for the residents, while the minister Lamorgese has ordered the restoration of border controls until 1 pm next Monday, reiterating that the maximum level of coordination and connection between all the components of the security system is constantly guaranteed, both in the prevention phase and in the control and surveillance phase of the territory.

The area of ​​maximum security

In order to create as little discomfort as possible for citizens, the areas concerned and the consequent limitations are listed below. As for the Eur district, from 7 pm on Friday 29 October, until the end of the event, scheduled for the late afternoon of Sunday 31 October, the maximum security area delimited by the road plans of: Piazzale dell’Industria – Cristoforo Colombo – Viale dell’Industria – Viale della Pittura – Via dell’Arte – Via della Musica – Via della Scultura – Viale Rembrandt – Via dell’Architettura – Largo Edmondo Bernacca – Via del Poggio Laurentino – Viale America – Largo Giuseppe Pella – Via Cristoforo Colombo – Viale Europa – Viale Beethoven – Piazzale Asia – Viale Asia – Viale Tostoj – Via Listz – Via Chopin – Via Bizet – Viale della Civilt del Lavoro – Via Ciro il Grande – Piazzale dell’Agricoltura – Piazzale dell ‘Industry – Christopher Columbus. This area will be entirely forbidden to traffic vehicular and pedestrian and appropriately cordoned off, allowing access only to police and rescue vehicles, as well as to people who prove they are entitled to it; access will therefore be allowed, after checking, to all those citizens who live and work within that area.

The gates to the red zone at Eur

It is therefore recommended to have a suitable one with you documentation that can demonstrate the need to have to log into to the maximum security area, such as the identity document showing the residence or any documentation proving the performance of a work activity in that area and in those days. Physically the gates will be set up in: 1. Piazzale dell’Industria corner of Viale dell’Industria; 2. Viale dell’Artigianato height of the Tennis Club; 3. Via della Scultura at the corner with Via della Musica; 4. Via della Scultura at the corner with Via Rembrabdt; 5. Piazzale Schuman at the corner of Via del Poggio Laurentino; 6. Via degli Archives of State at the corner with Via del Poggio Laurentino; 7. Via dell’Arte at the corner with Viale America; 8. Viale America at the corner of Viale Shakespeare; 9. Viale America at the corner with Viale Boston; 10. Via C. Colombo height Largo Giuseppe Pella; 11. Viale Europa at the corner with Viale Beethoven; 12. Viale Asia at the corner of Piazzale Asia; 13. Viale Tolstoj at the corner with Via Litz; 14. Via Tolstoj, height 5 (entrance to the White Gallery private parking) 15. Via Chopin, height no. 23; 16. Via Bizet civic height nr. 6; 17. Via Ciro il Grande corner Via Civilt del lavoro; 18. Piazza dell’Agricoltura at the corner of Via Ciro il Grande; 19. Via C. Colombo height of Piazza dell’Agricoltura.

Armored historic center

In the same area the deviations of the Atac lines that run through the area and the suspension, from the last run, until the 31st needs ceased, of the stops metro line B Eur Magliana, Eur Fermi, Eur Laurentina, Eur Palasport. Some restrictions are also foreseen on Saturday afternoon in the area of Baths of Diocletian and Quirinale, as well as Sunday morning in piazza Fontana di Trevi. The areas will be defined as follows: for the Terme di Diocleziano event: Piazza della Repubblica – Via delle Terme di Diocleziano – Largo di Villa Peretti – Piazza dei 500 – Via Volturno – Via Cernaia – Via Pastrengo – Via Parigi – Via V. Emanuele Orlando – Republic Square. For the Quirinale event: Piazza del Quirinale – Via XXIV Maggio – Largo Magnanapoli – Via del Quirinale up to Via Ferrara – Via della Dataria stairway height leading to Piazza del Quirinale For the Trevi Fountain event the area of maximum security will be limited to the area of ​​the fountain itself.

The demonstrations

Possible traffic restrictions may also occur on the occasion of demonstrations which will take place tomorrow, October 29, in the morning, for a procession of students starting from Ugo La Malfa square until you get to Largo Bernardino da Feltre, Saturday afternoon a Piazza San Giovanni for a static demonstration organized by the Communist Party and also for a procession that will be held, again on Saturday afternoon, from piazzale Ostiense in Bocca della Verit. A task force will be operational at the Rome Police Headquarters for the entire duration of the summit, in which all the subjects involved in the management of the event will participate with their representatives.

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G20 Rome thousand reinforcements watch Corriereit summit

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