hospitalizations increase, Rt rising. Gimbe’s report

hospitalizations increase, Rt rising. Gimbe’s report
hospitalizations increase, Rt rising. Gimbe’s report

Data and virus in Italy, the situation. In the week from 20 to 26 October there was a “net increase in new weekly cases of Covid-19 “, which went from 17,870 to 25,585, equal to + 43.2%, even if” the growth could in part be linked to the increase in total buffers “also made for Green pass. But to indicate “a greater circulation of the virus” are also hospitalizations, increased by 7.5% compared to the previous week, and the rate of positivity to molecular swabs. This was revealed by the new independent monitoring of the Foundation Gimbe.

The vaccines – In the last week, vaccine administrations have dropped, which from 20 to 26 October averaged just over 152,000 per day. And to decrease (writes the Gimbe always) despite the extension of the Green pass to all workplaces, designed precisely to encourage them, are also the first doses: in 7 days there are in fact -53% new vaccinated. While 11 million doses remain crammed in the fridge.

The national focus – At the national level, explains the president of Gimbe, Nino Cartabellotta, after 7 weeks “there is a trend reversal of the new weekly cases with a 7-day moving average which goes from 2,553 on October 19 to 3,655 on October 26”. The increase in cases, which could be partly influenced by the 21.1% increase in total tampons compared to the previous week (2,604,550 versus 2,151,081) “certainly follows an increase in viral circulation for two reasons: first of all, for the reversal of the trend in hospitalizations in the medical area, secondly because in the face of a slightly decreasing positive / antigenic swabs ratio, due to the enormous increase in the denominator, there is an increase in the positive / molecular swabs ratio (from 2 , 4% of 19 October to 3.5% of 26 October) ». There is also a decrease in deaths and ICU admissions. In particular, the data contained in the Gimbe weekly report show 249 deaths (-8.1%); -14 admissions to intensive care (-3.9%); +181 hospitalized with symptoms (+ 7.5%); +333 in home isolation (+ 0.5%); 25,585 new cases (+ 43.2%); +500 currently positive cases (+ 0.7%). On the hospital front, underlines the Head of Research on Health Services of the Gimbe Foundation, Renata Gili at national level the employment rate remains very low (5% in the medical area and 4% in the critical area) and no Region exceeds the thresholds of 15% for the medical area and 10% for the critical area. «You register a slight increase in daily admissions to intensive care – explains Marco Mosti, Operations Director of the Gimbe Foundation – with a 7-day moving average of 23 entries per day compared to 20 in the previous week ».

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The virus raises its head: contagion index at 1.5, it is the highest RT in Italy

Rt in salita – The Rt contagion index is growing both at the national level, where as of October 23 it was equal to 1.03 in growth. This was revealed by the analyzes of physicist Roberto Battiston, of the University of Trento and coordinator of the Observatory of epidemiological data in collaboration with the National Agency for Regional Health Services (Agenas). In recent days, the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy has started to grow again, Battiston notes, but the burden on the National Health Service remains low for the moment both in terms of hospitalizations in ordinary wards and for hospitalizations in intensive care. The analyzes also indicate that the number of deaths is also stable, with an average of 35 per day. As regards the incidence, there are 3 regions in which the threshold value of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants is exceeded: these are PA Bolzano (97), Friuli Venezia Giulia (75), Veneto (57).

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