Medicane heads for Sicily, the hurricane arriving on the island: alert for storms and storm winds

Medicane heads for Sicily, the hurricane arriving on the island: alert for storms and storm winds
Medicane heads for Sicily, the hurricane arriving on the island: alert for storms and storm winds

“Medicane”, the Mediterranean hurricane that keeps eastern Sicily apprehensive, is getting closer and closer to the Ionian coasts of the island. As reported by the forecasts of, the cyclone (called Apollo by the Meteorological Institute of Berlin) will reach the closest proximity to Sicily tomorrow, Friday 29 October, bringing heavy rains and thunderstorms.

Intense rainfall, accompanied by strong winds, could give rise to new criticalities. Eastern Sicily and Ionian Calabria will be the two most exposed sectors of the peninsula: on Saturday it will be possible to exceed 10 mm of rain between the lower Catanese, Siracusano and Ragusano areas although to have more precise forecasts it will be necessary to monitor the exact trajectory of the cyclone. These are the forecasts for tomorrow, October 29, and Saturday, October 30.

The Regional Civil Protection has released an update of the hydrogeological and hydraulic weather risk forecasts for thunderstorms for today 28 and tomorrow 29 October. A high risk situation remains throughout Sicily, with adverse weather conditions, with heavy rainfall and gale force winds. The phenomena will be accompanied by strong showers, local hailstorms, frequent electrical activity and strong gusts of wind; strong to stormy winds also persist, mainly from the eastern quadrants, with gusts up to strong storms. Sea storms along the exposed coasts. Red alert on eastern Sicily and orange on the rest of the territory.


Bad weather even intense at the beginning of the day on Sicily with showers and thunderstorms even strong on the Ionian sector, rains also on the rest of the island but less intense. More intense showers on the Catanese and Siracusano areas with possible hydro-geological problems, in the evening also in the Messina area up to the Tyrrhenian side, where storms are not excluded. More sunny or veiled on the rest of the South. Strong northeastern winds on the Ionian coasts and the lower Tyrrhenian Sea, gusts even over 100km / h around the center of the cyclone, up to 80km / h and with peaks of 100km / h on the Syracusano. Ventilation stretched from the northwest on the Sicilian Sea.


Still initial bad weather conditions on central-eastern Sicily and possible storms, but with the passing of the hours they will gradually diminish with the last showers that will linger until evening on the Ionian side of the island. Still strong winds from the northeast on the Ionian Sea, tense from the northwest on the Sicilian Sea. Gusts over 100km / h offshore, but gradually attenuating during the day on our Ionian coasts.

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Medicane heads Sicily hurricane arriving island alert storms storm winds

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