Covid, cases are still falling in Sardinia: infections down by 13.8%

Covid, cases are still falling in Sardinia: infections down by 13.8%
Covid, cases are still falling in Sardinia: infections down by 13.8%

The epidemiological curve in Sardinia linked to the Covid-19 emergency continues to decline. A figure that is, among other things, in clear contrast to the national situation, which in the last week marks an increase in infections equal to + 43.2%.

According to the Gimbe Foundation, in its usual Thursday report, in the week between 20 and 26 October there is an improving performance for the currently positive cases, which are 82 per 100,000 inhabitants, and there is a decrease in new cases (- 13.8%) compared to the previous week.

Yesterday it was the Covitrends website – which calculates the parameter that can be superimposed on the Rt index and updated on the basis of the ratio between new positive cases and swabs – to reiterate that while at national level Covidex is equal to 1.24 in Sardinia it is at 0, 83. The beds in the medical area (3%) and in intensive care (3%) occupied by Covid-19 patients remain below the saturation threshold.

IN ITALY – In Italy in the week from 20 to 26 October, however, there was a “net increase in new weekly cases of Covid-19”, which went from 17,870 to 25,585, and also “if the growth could in part be linked to the increase in total swabs “also made for the Green pass, points out Gimbe, to indicate” a greater circulation of the virus “are also hospitalizations, which increased by 7.5% compared to the previous week.

The decrease in deaths and hospitalizations in intensive care also continues at the country level. In particular, the data contained in the Gimbe weekly report show 249 deaths (-8.1%); -14 admissions to intensive care (-3.9%); +181 hospitalized with symptoms (+ 7.5%); +333 in home isolation (+ 0.5%); 25,585 new cases (+ 43.2%); +500 currently positive cases (+ 0.7%).

On the hospital front, underlines the Head of Research on Health Services of the Gimbe Foundation, Renata Gili, at the national level the employment rate remains very low (5% in the medical area and 4% in the critical area) and no Region exceeds the thresholds of 15% for the medical area and 10% for the critical area.

“There is a slight increase in daily admissions to intensive care – explains Marco Mosti, operational director of the Gimbe Foundation – with a 7-day moving average of 23 admissions per day compared to 20 in the previous week”.

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