Center-right, summit between Lega and Forza Italia

Center-right, summit between Lega and Forza Italia
Center-right, summit between Lega and Forza Italia

The summit lunch between Forza Italia and Lega ended at Villa Grande. The meeting ended with the commitment to greater coordination of the activities of the delegation to the Government and of the parliamentary groups. “Among the objectives, the defense of the majority electoral system and a common strategy on the Quirinale” reads a joint note. Another mission is to immediately choose the candidates for the municipal elections, also involving the Brothers of Italy.

In the Roman residence of Silvio Berlusconi, the ministers and group leaders of Forza Italia arrived first, then the Northern League colleagues with Matteo Salvini. All guests of the Cavaliere, from yesterday in Rome, who stayed for a working lunch aimed, according to what was explained by both Salvini and Berlusconi, to start a form of constant “coordination” between the two center-right parties in government. On the table, among the various issues in question, a focus on the maneuver and the next strategy. Pasta with cheese and pepper, konjac rice as a first course and a meat carpaccio as a second course, and vegetables. According to what we learn, this is the menu served at Villa Grande: the two leaders were seated facing each other.

“Well, that’s very good. Good work ”is the comment of the Forza Italia leader in response to the reporters who were waiting for him at the gate outside Villa Grande, after the summit. But this is also the day after the sinking of the Zan Bill in the Senate: the center-right leaders have also taken stock of this aspect and it will also be the time to start coordination between the two center-right parties in government. Gianni Letta also attended the lunch, while Renata Polverini left Villa Grande where she had arrived in the morning to meet Berlusconi.

Di Maio’s warning to Berlusconi: “Salvini is screwing you”
“I am the only leader who has never heard from Berlusconi in his life, ever. And now I almost regret it. I would like to make a phone call to tell him: “Silvio, but do you know that Salvini on the Quirinale is cheating you?”. I would also say that to Meloni. In politics we can not get along. But Salvini is a pathological liar ». Thus Luigi Di Maio, Minister of Foreign Affairs, in a preview of the interview published in the new issue of the weekly The Post Internazionale – Tpi, on newsstands from Friday 29 October.

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