Invitalia list and click day

Invitalia list and click day
Invitalia list and click day

For the citizen who wants to take advantage of the spa bonus, the only thing you need to know is the list of accredited spas at which to make a reservation from 8 November

If you are going to take advantage of the bonus term, which is certainly convenient, take a look at the website of the Ministry of Economic Development and especially that of Invitalia, because thelist of accredited spas where it is therefore possible to book your treatment which can also be completely free. And get ready to make your reservation on November 8th, which is click day.

The bonus, in fact, is 200 euro, can be used only once as a 100% discount on the purchase price of the selected spa services. If the treatment you have chosen costs more than 200 euros, however, the rest will be at your expense. For example, for a treatment of 250 euros you will have to pay 50 euros out of your own pocket, while for the other 200 the spa will ask for reimbursement from the state through the Invitalia agency.

Bonus spas, spas: ready the list? –

The wait for the list of spas where you can take advantage of the spa bonus lasted months. The bonus came into effect with years of delay and since last summer it seemed that the situation could unlock at any moment, however, before having the coveted list, another three months passed. AND the list of spas it is essential because only by choosing the right center can you take advantage of the bonus.

Now you have to hurry up and proceed with your booking, because they have been allocated for this initiative 53 million euros and when they run out there will be no more bonuses available. For this it was decided to hold a real one click day for booking spa treatments: on November 8, 2021, all ready with the mouse, hunting for the bonus.

Spa bonus 2021: who is eligible –

The reason why we must hurry is also due to the fact that all adults are entitled to the bonus, so the audience is very large. It is not linked to income and therefore is aimed at all adult citizens residing in Italy. There are no ISEE limits or limits relating to the family unit.

We reiterate that every citizen will be able to take advantage of a single spa bonus, for a single purchase and up to a maximum of 200 euros. In addition, the Ministry of Economic Development has also specified that “the spa services must not already be the responsibility of the National Health Service, other public bodies or the subject of additional benefits recognized to the user, without prejudice to any deductions provided for by the current tax legislation on cost of the spa service possibly not covered by the voucher “.

When booking your treatment we advise you to make this known any heart problems, tachycardia, hypotension or hypertension, because not all spa treatments are suitable for those with disorders of this type, as they affect blood pressure. The spas, on the other hand, are highly recommended for those with joint problems and sleep disorders.

How does the bonus to use in spas work? –

You just need to get the spa bonus make a reservation at the spa more suitable for you (by distance or because maybe you are already customers) and you will be issued a booking certificate. This reservation will be valid for 60 days and the services must be used within that period. It will be the institution with which you made the booking that will ask Invitalia to reimburse the voucher through a specific IT platform.

It should be noted that the spa bonus it cannot be transferred to third parties neither free of charge nor in exchange for money and does not constitute the user’s taxable income, moreover it is not relevant for the purposes of calculating the value of the indicator of the equivalent economic situation – ISEE.

So, in summary, in order to take advantage of the spa bonus, what actually matters for the citizen is the list of spas where you can use it, a list that you can find on the site created ad hoc by Invitalia (here). Once you have chosen the right spa for you, proceed with the reservation (from 8 November) at the same facility, indicating that you want to use the spa bonus and you will be issued a booking certificate. You won’t have to do anything else because it will be the spa’s responsibility to ask for a refund At the state.

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Invitalia list click day

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