participation in Host extraordinary success

Thursday 28 October 2021 – 13:20

Milan bakers: participation in Host extraordinary success

Lombard schools and teachers from all over Italy participated in the fair

Milan, 28 Oct (askanews) – The Bakers Association of Milan and Provinces (Confcommercio Milano) has drawn a more than positive balance from the participation, in Fiera Milano Rho, in the Host 2021 review. Seven Lombard bakery schools have demonstrated their skills. Then there was a meeting with the master bakers from all over Italy and with the white art professionals who traced the line of the future of bakery: synergy between school and the world of work. With the contribution of Ebipal (the Lombard regional bilateral body for bread-making), the issues of bilateralism in the field of training and safety were also promoted.

“It was an extraordinary success – commented Matteo Cunsolo, president of the Bakers Association – with the full expression of the value of training in the white art and in the panario world”. “Thanks should be given – noted Claudio Salluzzo, director of the Coordination of the Agri-food Supply Chain of Confcommercio Milano – to all the master bakers who have made this result possible. To the president Matteo Cunsolo, to the vice president Pasquale Di Liddo, to the directors of the Bakers Association Mirella Biondi, Alfredo Giordano, Mauro Scarlatti, Marco Zangrossi, for a constant presence and a truly ‘frontline’ commitment every day at the Fair “.

“Thanks also – concluded Cunsolo – to the extraordinary work in the field and to the excellent panaria preparations of the territory by Carla Citton, Valerio Belverato, Loris Moia, Patrick Zanesi and Massimo Ciatti bakery Cecconello. For a true triumph of white art “.



participation Host extraordinary success

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