“Yours is only physical attraction, there is no dialogue”

She would like him to try to hit her more so that she is able to take herself even mentally to avoid that it remains only a physical thing.
The guy counters by saying that in reality she is the one who spends her time with other people all day and never looks for him, so, from his point of view, it’s not just his fault.

“Do you ever come and talk to me? Because it is not that I am always alone all day, I am also with many people and you are never there, you are always somewhere else. Do you know why there is no dialogue? Because when I speak and you don’t look me in the face ”.

Denying everything, Sophie continues to prepare while Gianmaria, annoyed by the situation, takes and goes to the kitchen.
Lulu, having heard the discussion between the two boys, leaves the bathroom and calls Gianmaria back.

The boy comes back but he just can’t calm Sophie’s altered soul, who in every way tries to make him understand that his attentions during the day are futile, because standing still and looking at her without saying a word does not stimulate her anything and it makes you want to keep getting to know him.
“Whether you want your space during the day is fine, but you arrive at eight in the evening, you look at me and hug me without saying anything. You understand that then I get bored staying behind such a situation “.

The girl has revealed a problem that is essential for her to solve in order to continue to carry on a more serious relationship than a simple friendship.
Gianmaria, having understood the dilemma, will she try to meet Sophie’s requests?


physical attraction dialogue

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