“More commitment for VAT numbers, common line on the Quirinale” – Corriere.it

“More commitment for VAT numbers, common line on the Quirinale” – Corriere.it
“More commitment for VAT numbers, common line on the Quirinale” – Corriere.it

The summit between the leader of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, that of the League, Matteo Salvini, and the ministers ended. The former Minister of the Interior: “The center-right is compact, or the Democratic Party will stay in government for life”

Immediately before cabinet – in which today the government chaired by Mario Draghi will give the green light to the maneuver (here the full text in pdf) – it was held in Villa Grande, the Roman residence of Silvio Berlusconi, a summit between the leader of Come on Italy, that of League, Matteo Salvini, the delegation of the respective ministers with the four group leaders, as well as Gianni Letta, Antonio Tajani and Licia Ronzulli.

Many topics were dealt with during the summit: from maneuver, precisely (with the “need to impact with a significant tax cut” and a “greater commitment to VAT numbers”, albeit with the need “not to feed unnecessary tensions and divisions”) to a greater commitment to improve the “coordination of the activities of the delegation to the Government and of the Parliamentary groups “, from the choice of candidates for the administrative ones to one common line on the Quirinale

During the meeting – according to what emerged – the secretary of the League insisted on the need to work on a compact center-right starting from the commitment against a proportional reform of the electoral law and for the defense of the majority, “Otherwise we will have the Democratic Party in government for life”.

“For the Stability Law”, reads a joint note of the two parties, “we will ask for a further commitment to support VAT numbers and those who have suffered most in these years of pandemic”.

After the defeat in the recent administrative – in which the Democratic Party won in Rome, Milan, Naples, Bologna and Turin – the leaders of Forza Italia and Lega “asked to proceed as quickly as possible to identify the candidates for the next administrative elections, obviously involving the other center-right parties starting with the Brothers of Italy ».

Salvini also stressed that there is a need for – and is already working to – bring the center-right together in Brussels too, “to count more as Italy and to counteract” the left.

A new summit will be held in two weeks, while an enlarged summit will soon be reconvened a Giorgia Meloni to discuss the next administrative.

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