From citizenship income to super bonuses and pensions, here is the maneuver

From citizenship income to super bonuses and pensions, here is the maneuver
From citizenship income to super bonuses and pensions, here is the maneuver

New “quota” for pensions for a single year, tightening on citizenship income, extension of the superbonus also for villas but with an Isee roof of 25 thousand euros. With a week of delay on the roadmap – which foresees sending to Parliament by 20 October – the first Draghi-Franco Budget Law that today (Thursday 28 October), having solved the last knots in the control room, will arrive on the table of the Council of Ministers. An expansionary maneuver worth 23 billion, which confirms the structure of the Dpb transmitted to Brussels and which contains the resources for the reform of the shock absorbers and those, always only with an ad hoc fund, for the first taste of tax cuts, pending the real reform of the system that will come with the fiscal delegation.

In 2022 he retired with a share of 102

After examining different schemes, for the farewell to Quota 100 comes a solution for just one year, 2022, in which it is possible to retire early reaching Quota 102 with 64 years of age and 38 of contributions and a fund (from 3-400 million, to ferry the most penalized by the increase in requirements). A minimal step (and which according to the first calculations would not open spaces of flexibility for many people) which, however, serves to undermine the protests of the League and the wrath of the unions, who now expect a reform table.

Citizenship income, more funds but you change

For the flag measure of the M5S comes the announced tightening, with preventive checks and a cut of the check starting from the second rejected job offer, with a progressive “decalage”. In any case, there will be a refinancing of 800 million to cover the increase in the audience.

Tax, choices postponed to Parliament

There is no agreement on the tax cut and so for now in black and white there will be only the 8 billion fund. To whom to allocate them (personal income tax, wedge or contributions) will be a choice that will be made in Parliament during the examination in the Chamber and Senate classrooms.

Superbonus, income ceiling for villas

The extension will arrive and will be for the whole of 2022 also for single-family homes but with an Isee roof for owners of up to 25 thousand euros and therefore limited, it is explained, only to the first houses. For condominiums, the extension will be until 2023, with subsequent decalage. The other incentives for the home are also confirmed, from the eco-bonus to the green bonus to that for the renewal of furniture. The facades bonus will be extended but the percentage will drop from 90 to 60% next year.

Stop the cashback, 1.5 billion in the pot

The measure desired by the Conte government is destined to be canceled. Launched on January 1, 2021, it allowed to obtain a refund of 10% on the amount of purchases with cards. Already suspended until the end of the year, it is now also archived in 2022, making 1.5 billion available.

Family and home, from leave to kindergartens

The 10 days of compulsory leave for fathers become structural, the discount is extended for those under 36 who buy their first home and additional funds arrive for nurseries and preschools.

More funds for health, research and transport

Healthcare, at the forefront of the Covid emergency, will receive another 4 billion between the Health Fund and funds for vaccines and anti-virus drugs. Another 400 million will go to research – which will also be strengthened through the PNRR with the passage from 9 thousand to 20 thousand doctorates – and local public transport will also be refinanced.

A boost to investments, 4 billion for businesses

There will be 2 billion for infrastructure and the Development and Cohesion Fund, while another 4 billion will support private investment.

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