Maneuver: towards measures for 30 billion. Unions against Quota 102 – Politics

Maneuver: towards measures for 30 billion. Unions against Quota 102 – Politics
Maneuver: towards measures for 30 billion. Unions against Quota 102 – Politics

The budget law will be passed today in the Council of Ministers, next week the competition law. This is what is learned from government sources, a few hours after the meeting of the CDM, which should take place in the afternoon and which will be followed by a press conference by Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Minister Daniele Franco on the maneuver.


The budget law should provide for measures for around 30 billion. This is what is learned from various government sources. The Draft Budget Document (Dpb) foresees deficit resources of 23.4 billion.

From the fund for tax cuts to the new shock absorbers: 185 articles are contained in the draft of the maneuver that will be examined shortly by the Council of Ministers. Among the measures, in addition to the intervention on pensions and income, the postponement of the sugar and plastic tax, leave for fathers, the renewal of building bonuses, funds for health and also for the 2025 Jubilee.

“The age and contributory seniority requirements referred to in the first period of this paragraph are determined at 64 years of age and 38 years of contributory seniority for those who mature the requirements in the year 2022”. The draft budget law provides for this, confirming the passage from Quota 100 to Quota 102 for pensions. “The right obtained by 31 December 2022 can also be exercised subsequently”. “In the first application, by February 28, 2022, the related permanent staff may submit an application for termination of service”, provides the law.

“If the choice of Quota 102 on pensions were to be confirmed to the Council of Ministers, UIL is not there and is ready to take to the streets if necessary”. The general secretary of UIL, Pierpaolo Bombardieri, told Isoradio. “On Saturday – he added – we will meet with the colleagues of the CGIL and CISL and we will evaluate which mobilization tools to put together knowing that, since it is a discussion that will last within the Chambers for a month, we should have the strength to put pressure, mobilizations for one month and one day longer than the debate lasts, to convince Parliament to change the choices it has made “.


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