one dead and 56 new positives. Hospitalizations are increasing

One new death, 56 new positives and 19 healed. According to the bulletin of the Umbria Region and the Civil Protection, updated at 9.35 am on October 28, there are 1028 (+36 compared to October 27) currently positive for coronavirus in Umbria. In the last 24 hours, 2413 swabs and 9,359 antigen tests were performed throughout the region.

As of October 28, 42 (+4 compared to October 27) have been hospitalized in Umbria, of which 7 (+2) in intensive care, and 986 (+32) in absent-minded isolation.

Since the beginning of the health emergency there are 65,003 (+56) total cases of positivity to Covid-19 registered in Umbria, 62511 (+19) the healed, 1464 (+1) the deaths, 1.180.813 (+2413) the swabs performed and 971.384 (+9359) antigen tests performed.


dead positives Hospitalizations increasing

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