Italy A: the formation that challenges Spain in Madrid

Italy A: the formation that challenges Spain in Madrid
Italy A: the formation that challenges Spain in Madrid

Pettinelli will be the captain of a formation with Violi and Marin in the median. Capuozzo will be the extreme. Kick off Saturday 30th at 4.45pm

Italy A: the formation that challenges Spain in Madrid (ph. Sebastiano Pessina)

For Alessandro Troncon the time of choices has arrived. The technical manager of Italy A has in fact communicated the formation that on Saturday 30 October, at 4.45 pm with live streaming on Onrugby, will face Spain in a Test Match in Madrid.

Italy A: the formation that challenges Spain in Madrid

In the fifteenth blue the designated captain will be Giovanni Pettinelli, who in the third line will make the department with Cannone and Favretto, the latter lined up with number 8, in a line-up that sees the enlarged triangle formed by the Gesi-Capuozzo-Trulla hinge, the couple of centers consisting of the Drago-Menoncello duo and the control room entrusted to Violi and Marin.

Among the forwards, called flanker and third center, it should be noted that in the second line there will be Zambonin and Krumov, in a zebra-striped section, while in front of all Traorè and Swanepoel will be placed as props and Faiva as hooker.

Available then, ready to give their contribution to the game in progress, there will be 5 forwards and 3 backs: Nicotera, Borean, Neculai, Canali and Izekor, as well as Casilio, Da Re and Lucchin.

Italy A

15 Ange CAPUOZZO (Rugby Grenoble)

14 Jacopo TRULLA (Zebre Parma, 7 caps)

13 Tommaso MENONCELLO (Benetton Rugby)

12 Filippo DRAGO (Mogliano Rugby 1969 / Benetton Rugby)

11 Simone GESI (HBS Colorno)

10 Leonardo MARIN (Benetton Rugby)

9 Marcello VIOLI (Zebre Parma, 21 caps)

8 Riccardo FAVRETTO (Benetton Rugby, 1 cap)

7 Lorenzo CANNONE (Benetton Rugby)

6 Giovanni PETTINELLI (Benetton Rubgy) – captain

5 Andrea ZAMBONIN (Zebre Parma)

4 Leonard KRUMOV (Zebra Parma)

3 Jacobus Christoffel SWANEPOEL (FEMI-CZ Rovigo)

2 Epalahame FAIVA (Benetton Rugby)

1 Cherif TRAORE’ (Benetton Rugby, 11 caps)


16 Giacomo NICOTERA (FEMI-CZ Rovigo / Benetton Rugby)

17 Damiano BOREAN (Petrarch Padua)

18 Ion NECULAI (Zebre Parma)

19 Matteo CANALI (Petrarca Rugby)

20 Alessandro IZEKOR (Rugby Transvecta Calvisano)

21 Nicolò CASILIO (Zebre Parma)

22 Giacomo DA RE (FEMI-CZ Rovigo / Benetton Rugby)

23 Enrico LUCCHIN (Zebre Parma)

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