LIVE COVID-19 – Lazio, Damato: “Urgent proceed to the third dose”. Closed bars and restaurants in Moscow until 7/11. Crisanti: “Who has phobias will never get vaccinated, compromise is needed”. 44.5 million Italians have completed the vaccination cycle

The Civil Protection has disclosed the data relating to the last 24 hours. They have been identified 4.598 new COVID-19 positives on 468.104 swabs processed for a positivity rate of 0,98%. I am 50 the victims.

16:00 – “Today in Lazio out of 11,638 molecular swabs and 21,056 antigenic swabs for a total of 32,694 swabs, there are 594 new cases (+91), 5 deaths, 357 hospitalized (-5), 47 intensive care and +350 cured. between positives and swabs it is 1.8%. Cases in Rome city are at 291 “. Thus the Regional Health Councilor Alessio D’Amato. “Expected increase in the Rt value to 1.01 and slight increase in the incidence to 48.86 per 100 thousand inhabitants – adds the commissioner -, the indicators on the tracking capacity remain good and the occupancy indices of ordinary and therapy beds remain below the threshold. intensive. It is urgent to proceed to the third dose “.

15:37 – “We are preparing to send 1.2 million SMS messages to remind the methods of administering the third dose to all patients” in Lazio “who meet the national requirements and who have performed the second administration at a distance of 180 days “. This was announced in a note by the Councilor for Health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato.

15:07 – The number of new Covid cases continues to drop in the United States. The average of new daily infections is now around 70 thousand cases, with a drop of 20% over the last two weeks, according to what the New York Times. Over the same period, deaths decreased by 15%, with an average of 1,400 deaths per day.

14:24 – The Spallanzani bulletin: 57 hospitalized, 2 in intensive care.

13:55 – The increase in infections from Covid in continues Germany, where today the Robert Koch Institut reported a new substantial leap in the weekly index, which recorded an average of 130.2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Yesterday this indicator was at 118 and a week ago at 85.6. In the 24 hours i new positive cases were 28,037 (a week ago there were 16,077) and 126 deaths (compared to 67 seven days ago). The hospitalization rate also rose to 3.31 (yesterday it was 3.07) per 100,000 inhabitants. The health situation remains under control for now, even though the government had already reported in recent days of health facilities which, in light of the numbers of the pandemic, take into account that they will have to postpone operations again in the near future.

13:30 – “The lesson of Covid-19 is clear: nationally and internationally. No country can save itself. From this pandemic we must come out with strengthened health services and safer workplaces in every corner of the world”. This is the message that the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, wanted to bring to the L20 meeting, the meeting of international trade union organizations and trade unions of the G20 countries, which was attended, among others, by the former Brazilian president Luiz Inàcio Lula da Silva, the Minister of Trade and Industry of South Africa, Ebrahim
Patel, and the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini. “In the ‘Rome Pact’ signed by all the G20 health ministers – continued Speranza – we asked for more resources to defend the right to health and the universality of health services. Any allocation of funds to health should not be considered a cost but an investment for the global economic restart. This is the indication that we will also bring to the joint Health-Finance G20 tomorrow. The first area on which to focus this commitment is that of vaccines which must be a global public good and a right for all ” .

13:00 – At the Spallanzani Institute in Rome, at this moment, they are hospitalized 57 positive patients to the swab for the research of Sars-CoV-2 (stable compared to yesterday) of which 2 are in the process of being discharged, while there are 8 patients in intensive care (stable compared to yesterday). This is the latest bulletin from the Capitoline Institute for Infectious Diseases. The patients discharged and transferred home or to other local structures, this morning, are 3,274.

12:30 – To curb the spread of Covid, in Moscow from today and up to and including 7 November – writes the online newspaper Meduza – bars and restaurants, shops that do not sell food or other essential goods, beauty salons, cinemas, gyms and other activities will be closed. Schools are also closed for now. Grocery stores and pharmacies remain open. Other services, such as museums and theaters, work with limitations. Bars and restaurants can provide take-away or home delivery services. On 20 October, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that due to the epidemiological situation in Russia, those from 30 October to 7 November will be declared “non-working days”, but with retention of pay. However, some local authorities decided to initiate restrictions a few days earlier. Meduza points out that the “non-working days”, as well as in the city of Moscow, began today in the regions of Moscow, Kaliningrad, Rostov, Smolensk and in the republic of Chakassia.

11:50 – 13% of doctors, nurses and operators on duty in hospitals and health facilities received the vaccine booster against Covid. Out of a million booster doses administered throughout Italy, according to the analysis conducted by the Italian Federation of health and hospital companies on the open data made available by the extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency, about 170 thousand went to subjects between 20 and 60 years which mostly represent the number of health personnel, in all 1 million 400 thousand units, to whom the vaccination is intended.

11:30 – In the last 24 hours in the country they have been recorded 40,096 new cases and 1,159 deaths with coronavirus: numbers never reached before since the start of the pandemic.

10:57 – The contagion curve is inverted (+ 43% new cases) and hospitalizations increase (+ 7.5%). Monitoring of the Foundation Gimbe, in the week 20-26 October, detects a net increase in new weekly cases: from 17,870 to 25,585. Although the growth could in part be linked to the increase in total swabs, the increase in the positive rate of molecular swabs and hospitalizations (+181) indicate greater circulation of the virus. As for the vaccination campaign: the administration drops (152,000 per day) and 11 million doses remain “in the fridge”. For third doses, Gimbe detects national coverage for booster dose at 32.3% and for additional doses at 25.5% but with notable regional differences. The green pass effect is felt: with almost 7.5 million people without even a dose of vaccine and just over 193 thousand new vaccinated in a week, the goal of 90% vaccination coverage for over 12s is gone.

10:40 – Compulsory COVID-19 vaccine for everyone? “There are many people who have phobias. There are those who, for example, would never travel by plane, even with the obligation. It must be accepted that there is a small portion of the population that has these problems with vaccination and these people they must not and cannot be given away to no vax. You need to find a compromise. For example, force them to use the Ffp2 mask which is very safe “. He said it Andrea Crisanti, director of the Department of Microbiology of the University of Padua, who spoke at the broadcast Agora, its Rai Tre.

10:15 – “There will be a priority for those who have had the J&J vaccine and who will have to take the second dose. The indications will be given shortly in a clear and comprehensive manner”. He stated it Pierpaolo Sileri, Undersecretary of Health to the microphones of the program “Italy has awakened”, on Radio Cusano Campus. On a possible annual recall of the vaccine in the coming years Sileri said: “Then if every year or every two years we will have to do a booster, science will tell us. This virus has now entered by right in medical books”.

09:50 – The China yesterday recorded 39 new cases of COVID-19, including 23 of domestic transmission and 16 imported. This was reported by the National Health Commission in its daily updates, specifying that internal infections have been ascertained in Gansu (8), Inner Mongolia (7), Beijing (3), Ningxia (2) and, with one each, in Heilongjiang, Shandong and Sichuan. As for imported infections, eight were detected in Zhejiang, 3 in Henan, 2 in Fujian and one each in Beijing, Hubei and Guangxi. Excluding the identification of suspected cases of death from the virus, the Commission announced that the vaccination program is proceeding at the national level and that the doses administered until yesterday have been more than 2.254 billion.

09:25 – The government of the New Zeland, turned into a fortress during the pandemic, has unveiled its plan to temporarily reopen the borders under pressure from its citizens stranded abroad. The minister in charge of responding to COVID-19, Chris Hipkins, indicated that travelers from a handful of Pacific island microstates will be able to enter New Zealand without the need for quarantine starting next month. For other countries classified as low risk, the same measure would be considered from the beginning of next year.

09:00 – I am 89.274.052 the vaccine doses administered in Italy, 89.5% of the total of those delivered, amounting to 99,780,674 so far (in detail 71,158,801 Pfizer / BioNTech, 15,233,328 Moderna, 11,543,544 Vaxzevria-AstraZeneca and 1,845. 001 Janssen). This is what we read in the report of the extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency updated at 06:15. The people who received the third additional dose are 232,891, 26.53% of the population potentially subject to the additional dose, while 1,054,141 (35.27% of the population) are those subject to the booster dose. The people who have had at least one dose are, instead, 46.552.063, 86.19% of the population over 12 while those who have completed the vaccination cycle are 44.568.288, 82.52% of the population over 12.

08:40 – Today the Technical Advisory Commission of the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa) meets to which the Ministry of Health has asked for an opinion following the decision of the American FDA, which also simultaneously authorized the use for the booster of a vaccine other than the one received initially, the so-called “mix and match”. It is possible that we go towards an additional administration for the and a half million Italians who have had the serum Johnson&Johnson.

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