Kimbo Sparkling Coffee presented in Milan in a successful event

Last Friday 22 October, with an event organized on the occasion of Fuori Host at the prestigious location of Caffè Motta located in the splendid setting of Piazza Duomo in Milan, Kimbo presented national and international retail guests Kimbo Sparkling Coffee, l’original product launched on the market in September: a refreshing, sparkling and coffee drink to be enjoyed as a cocktail base or absolute, accompanied by ice and lemon.

For the occasion, Kimbo gave life to her countryside image: the splendid model came to life, welcoming guests and inviting them to try the sparkling aperitif. They have been set up next to her a counter made entirely of ice and a can of giant Sparkling.

During the evening, the sculptor Francesco Falasconi of Ghiaccio Express has the KIMBO logo in three-dimensional format, surrounded by bubbles, carved into the ice in time to the music, precisely to recall the Sparkling effect. The artist was a great success not only from the guests but also from the countless Italian and foreign passersby who intrigued and fascinated immortalized the moment with photos and videos, generating buzz and word of mouth in the area in front of the location.

The new product was appreciated by guests both tasted in its purity and as the protagonist of original cocktails made by professional bartenders. The recipes proposed were many, ranging from drinks based on Vermouth or Bitter to those with Rum and Tequila, accompanied by the inevitable Kimbo coffee liqueur.


Kimbo Sparkling Coffee presented Milan successful event

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