Fortnite developers rebel, chaos in Epic Games

A real chaos happens at Epic Games, which upsets all plans. Fortnite developers decide to do a particular thing

Epic Games disgruntled Fortnite developers (source

Within the Epic Games company, a policy is adopted that does not suit the employees very much, who decide not to stay there anymore. What happened that was so special? The decision made by the company, regarding the rest day, has done infuriate employees and this is what Bloomberg reported and then confirmed by Kotaku. Fortnite developers have not approved the decision.

For the staff of the company the policy adopted by the house does not go to genius at all. It had been decided that, on every other Friday, they would have a day off. But an internal email retracted everything and Friday is no longer meant as employees expected. Usually, in order to keep up with the support for Fortnite in order to comply with the request of the users, the developers have more than once pushed their work to the limit. But now things change.

Fortnite developers angry at Epic Games policy

Epic Games disgruntled Fortnite developers (source

It was noted that, among employees, the Friday at work is not fair for everyone. While there are some who stay at home and rest, others stay at work. From Epic Games, a spokesperson, reports that alternating Fridays of rest were only temporary and not definitive. This is because, in addition to the structured holidays for the sfaff, the company also closes for 4 weeks every year.

However, according to Bloomberg’s survey of 581 employees, at least 90% approved this policy as healthy and positive. They also stated that they would be happy to be able to adopt it as lasting over time. Some companies in the video game world have shortened the working weeks, flexible hours and these are the main themes of their current internal policies.

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Some video game developers have decided to work 4 days a week. Some employees, around 500, see their working hours reduced to 32 but without decreasing their salary. Indeed, always from Epic Games, they arrive complaints about Fortnite support about 2 times a month compared to some studies that instead delayed the release of their projects.

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