“Covid looks like a flu. And fire hydrants …”. Giletti bewildered – Libero Quotidiano

“Covid looks like a flu. And fire hydrants …”. Giletti bewildered – Libero Quotidiano
“Covid looks like a flu. And fire hydrants …”. Giletti bewildered – Libero Quotidiano

The leader of the No Green pass Fabio Tuiach took the Covid, but does not give up an inch: “Just a flu”. Former boxer and city councilor of the League then transited into Forza Nuova in recent days it was at the port of Trieste together with the dockers, and at Non è the arena on La7 Massimo Giletti he broadcasts some excerpts of his herring on the quay: “If I don’t go to work, why do the others have to go to work – he explained in Trieste dialect to the dockers – I don’t move a ***! Who moves me? Why Do I have to stay at home and the others have to work? “, he shouted threateningly amid some protests from the demonstrators.

Now Tuiach at home is really, positive and in isolation. And in connection with Giletti he explains: “I was a little angry, it bothered me a little, I need to work and I am absolutely against Green pass“. The now former representative of the dockers Ciccio Puzzer he made a movement to himself: “Do as you like”, Tuiach cuts short, controversially. “Now I’m a little out of the game, I’m at home with Covid. It looks a bit like a flu“.

Giletti interrupts him: “Yes, oh well, you are very diplomatic and do not want to say anything about the rift between the dockers. But when you say you have taken Covid for the police hydrants do not exaggerate? Maybe he got pneumonia, but he couldn’t have caught Covid. “” The effects are those, I had the slightly low immune defenses and being with so many people I got infected. But it’s not the end of the world, it’s lasting me a few more days than a flu. ”

“Do you know that Burioni said that hearing ‘I got Covid from fire hydrants’ is like hearing a woman saying ‘I got pregnant in the swimming pool’?” Asks Giletti. Tuiach’s response: “Yet if you have low immune defenses due to fatigue, staying wet all day in Trieste is easy take a damn, it looks like a seasonal flu. This is Covid, they told me. “

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Covid flu fire hydrants Giletti bewildered Libero Quotidiano

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