Festa dell’Autiere, on display the historic ‘Marazzato’ trucks – Turin Today

New appointment with the ‘Marazzato Historical Vehicles Collection’, the largest collection of vintage trucks of the twentieth century, all perfectly restored and brought back to their original conditions.

Seven magnificent military trucks of the vehicular heritage put together in over ten years by the passion of the environmental industrialist Carlo Marazzato (President of the Holding of the homonymous ‘Marazzato Group’ born in 1952) are ready to make a fine show of themselves in Milan from 29 to 31 October next on the occasion of the First Centenary of the ‘National Autieri D’Italia’ Association, founded in 1921.

And now ready, with this thirtieth, exceptional gathering, to tell once again pages, anecdotes and fundamental memories of the country’s history.

The event is organized with the contribution of the Lombardy Region and with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, the Metropolitan City of Milan and ‘Automobile Club Milan’.

I am honored to take part in a motor show so full of important human, cultural, historical and social significance at the same time”, Begins Carlo Marazzato, also Founder and President of the ‘Quattro Assi Più’ Historical Vehicle Association, who has always been passionate about light and heavy engines.

An opportunity to gather some of the most significant specimens in my possession that have played so much in the country’s past. Starting with the unforgettable vehicles of the First World War such as the ‘Fiat 18P’ and the ‘Fiat 18BL’. And, with them, also being able to exhibit the subsequent so-called ‘curmudgeon’ trucks such as the two examples of ‘Lancia 3Ro’, and the following ‘Lancia 6Rom’. In the period of transition between the two wars, the national army was also equipped with the memorable ‘Spa 38’. The OM CL52, with 4×4 traction used for troop transport, also completes the roundup”.

The ‘Marazzato Historical Means Collection’, housed in the large showroom private of Stroppiana (VC), has recently also been the subject of a precious partnership with the Polytechnic of Turin for the study and construction of a modern and innovative museum center dedicated to the history of the giants of the road.

It is exceptionally open to the public, in full compliance with anti-Covid regulations, usually on the second Saturday of the month, by telephone booking from Monday to Friday, during normal office hours, on 0161 320311.


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