“Compressed rights, Italy aligned with Poland and Hungary”

28 October 2021 15:41

The secretary of the Democratic Party inflexible after the Senate Chamber blocked the process to make the measure against homophobia law, approving the Lega and FdI “trap”. And he asks himself: “Who is he with?”

The attack on Italia Viva and the unknowns on Forza Italia

“It is clear that on Wednesday an all-out rupture was sanctioned, certainly with Italia viva the reasoning is what I am saying, but also with that part that voted in that way” on the Zan bill. “I also say this to Fi: who is he with? Orban and Pillon? Fi who is in the EPP, which should be the group that supports Ursula von Der Leyen who is Orban’s toughest opponent?”, Observes the leader of the Democratic Party.

We are now not the majority

“The reaction, the rickety applause, show that there was no desire for dialogue, but only that of breaking down the Zan bill. This line was explicit in Salvini and Meloni and yesterday the others joined”, Letta underlines, explaining: “We are now not a majority. If we are a majority we will be able to make a law against homophobia and other fundamental things like the law on citizenship. These are issues that either we are in the majority or we will not make it.”

Colle, political games ahead of the elections Then he lashes out: “I had already said that if we put our heads at the Quirinale now, it will be a disaster on the things we have to do now, like the Budget Law”. Yesterday, the dem secretary points out, “the dress rehearsals for the Quirinale were held. Anyone who plays games for political agreements in view of the elections shows great cynicism. Let’s talk about Quirinale next year, concentrate and avoid games and games. coded messages “.


Compressed rights Italy aligned Poland Hungary

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