Today 29 positives in Tuscia, 10 only in Viterbo

Today 29 positives in Tuscia, 10 only in Viterbo
Today 29 positives in Tuscia, 10 only in Viterbo

Coronavirus – The Asl Bulletin – Eleven people recovered in the last 24 hours

Viterbo – “29 confirmed cases of Covid-19 positivity were communicated, by 11 am, by the Molecular Genetics section of Belcolle to the Coronavirus Operating Team of the ASL of Viterbo.

The latest positivity reports are linked to swabs performed on citizens residing or domiciled in the following municipalities: 10 in Viterbo, 3 in Monterosi, 2 in Bolsena, 2 in Civita Castellana, 2 in Nepi, 1 in Bagnoregio, 1 in Caprarola, 1 in Fabrica di Roma, 1 in Orte, 1 in Ronciglione, 1 in Tarquinia, 1 in Tuscania , 1 in Valentano, 1 in Vasanello, 1 in Vetralla “.

This is what we read in today’s bulletin of the ASL of Viterbo.

Coronavirus – The Belcolle Hospital Genetics Laboratory

No one was hospitalized. “Of today’s cases – continues the note -: 14 have an epidemiological link with previously ascertained and already isolated cases, 15 are connected to people who have declared that they are symptomatic of the drive in. Everyone is spending the convalescence in their own home ”.

The team continues, even in these hours, to implement all the prevention and protection measures, in order to contain the spread of the virus, strengthening the chain of close contacts, with the precious collaboration of the municipal administrations.

In total, at 11 this morning, the cases of positivity to Covid-19, resident or domiciled in Tuscia, rise to 17414.

Eleven the healed. “Today the end of the isolation period or the negativization of 11 patients from Covid-19 was communicated to the institutionally competent subjects – continues the ASL – residing in the following municipalities: 3 in Monterosi, 1 in Acquapendente, 1 in Blera, 1 in Fabrica of Rome, 1 in Gradoli, 1 in Nepi, 1 in Oriolo Romano, 1 in Piansano, 1 in Vejano “.

Twelve in total were hospitalized. “At the moment, of the people reported positive for Coronavirus, 2 are currently hospitalized at a Covid extra Asl facility – concludes the bulletin -, 10 are hospitalized at the Belcolle hospital, 350 are convalescing at home”.

The number of negativized people rises to 16,590, 462 are the deceased. Since the beginning of the Covid emergency, 208 352 swabs have been carried out in the province of Viterbo, 398 in the last 24 hours. To date, the citizens who have completed the period of fiduciary home isolation are 22961.

October 28, 2021

Coronavirus October 2021 … Articles

  1. Covid, 44-year-old man hospitalized in Belcolle
  2. “134 new cases in the provinces, 216 in Rome city”
  3. Twenty-six cases in 16 municipalities: one fifth of the positives in Orte, one hospitalized
  4. A 77-year-old man and an 81-year-old woman died yesterday
  5. Today 4054 new cases, are currently positive and hospitalized
  6. “17 new cases in Frosinone, 25 in Latina, 31 in Rieti and 24 in Viterbo”
  7. Two deaths in Montefiascone and Vasanello, 24 new positives today
  8. Increase of cases in Viterbo, Marta, Monterosi and Ronciglione in the last week
  9. Coronavirus, today 2535 new cases and 30 deaths
  10. “70 cases in the provinces and 145 in Rome city”
  11. Nineteen new positives, one was hospitalized
  12. The positivity rate in Tuscia rises to 5.92%
  13. Coronavirus, today 3 thousand 725 cases and 24 deaths
  14. “Coronavirus, in Lazio more than 91% of adults are vaccinated”
  15. “In Lazio 459 new cases and 3 deaths”
  16. 23 new cases of Covid in 13 municipalities of Tuscia
  17. The positives are still growing, but hospitalizations remain under control
  18. Coronavirus, positive rate stable at 0.8%
  19. Today 423 cases and 6 deaths, positive, deaths and hospitalizations increase
  20. Today 19 positive, 4 in Viterbo and as many in Civita Castellana
  21. Infections on the rise in Tuscia, + 123 in five days
  22. Coronavirus, today 3882 new cases and 39 deaths
  23. “Third dose over 60, it is necessary to speed up the recall”
  24. “Today in Lazio 408 new cases, 4 deaths and 351 recovered”
  25. Today 27 new cases and 6 recovered
  26. Almost 250 are currently positive of which 43 in Viterbo, stable hospitalizations
  27. Coronavirus, today 3794 new cases and 36 deaths
  28. 21 positives in Tuscia, almost half in Viterbo
  29. Positive one minor for every five adults
  30. Coronavirus, today 3702 new cases and 33 deaths
  31. Another twenty-five cases in Tuscia, eight only in Marta
  32. “91% of the adult population is vaccinated against Covid”
  33. Mandatory green pass, even in Viterbo there was a run for tampons in the pharmacy
  34. In quarantine 500 pupils in twenty classes of Tuscia
  35. Coronavirus, today 2697 new cases and 70 deaths
  36. Covid on the rise in Tuscia, today 31 positive
  37. Coronavirus, closed two schools and nine quarantined classes
  38. Covid, the hospitalized are on average 68 years old
  39. Coronavirus, today 1597 new cases and 44 deaths
  40. Nineteen positives in Tuscia: five in Soriano nel Cimino, one hospitalized
  41. “Vaccines, administrations increase thanks to the green pass”
  42. “In Lazio over 12% of the over 80 population has already received the third dose”
  43. “Today in Lazio 288 cases, 2 deaths and 206 recovered”
  44. Fifteen new cases and five cured
  45. The positivity rate in Tuscia drops to 4.5 percent
  46. Coronavirus, 14 deaths today and a positivity rate of 0.6%
  47. In Lazio today 222 new positives and 5 deaths
  48. Today 16 recovered, almost all of them in Montalto di Castro
  49. 92-year-old woman hospitalized, two children aged 7 and 8 infected
  50. Coronavirus, today 2732 new cases and 42 deaths
  51. Today sixteen positives, one hospitalized in Belcolle
  52. Currently positive and decreasing hospitalizations, no cases in Viterbo city
  53. Coronavirus, today 2668 new cases and 40 deaths
  54. Covid, today 10 infected and 23 patients recovered
  55. Positive four minors including a 4-year-old child, a 67-year-old woman hospitalized in Belcolle
  56. Coronavirus, less than 3 thousand people in the hospital
  57. “Today 194 positives in Lazio, 66 in the provinces”
  58. Coronavirus: 13 positive today in Tuscia, one hospitalized in Belcolle
  59. Positive a newborn, in Civita Castellana insights on three 20-year-olds infected
  60. Coronavirus, today 2494 new cases and 49 deaths
  61. Today 221 new cases and 3 deaths, zero infections in Rieti
  62. Today more healed than new cases: 16 to 12
  63. Vaccine, off to the third dose for the over 60s
  64. “Third dose, from today reservations also open for over 60”
  65. Coronavirus, today 1516 new cases and 34 deaths
  66. Five positives today and one person healed
  67. Coronavirus, slightly rising curve in Tuscia
  68. Today 2 thousand 278 cases and 27 deaths
  69. “Third dose, from Monday the recall also for the over 60”
  70. “In Lazio 221 new cases, the decline in intensive care and hospitalizations continues”
  71. Covid is growing again: today only one recovered and eleven positive
  72. Six new cases out of 302 swabs throughout Tuscia, the contagion curve remains stable
  73. Today 2 thousand 748 cases and 46 deaths
  74. You are positive today, since the beginning of the pandemic, 17 thousand cases have been exceeded in Tuscia
  75. In Lubriano nine positives and one death in ten days
  76. Coronavirus, today 3023 new cases and 30 deaths
  77. Today 294 positive in Lazio of which 68 in the provinces, three dead
  78. Covid: a woman from Lubriano died, today 7 positive in Tuscia
  79. The number of those currently positive rises but hospitalizations remain stable
  80. Coronavirus, today 2938 new cases and 41 victims
  81. “Covid-19 vaccination campaign, 90% of adults in Lazio reached”
  82. “300 positives and 2 deaths in Lazio, hospitalizations and intensive care drop”
  83. Today eleven positives, you are only in Castel Sant’Elia
  84. One more hospitalized, 5% of the currently positive in hospital
  85. Coronavirus, 3235 new cases and 39 deaths in Italy
  86. Today 11 new cases and 17 healed in Tuscia
  87. Nine cases out of 271 swabs, in Tuscia a positive rate of 3.3%
  88. Coronavirus, today 2466 new cases and 50 deaths
  89. “45 new cases in the provinces”
  90. Today in Tuscia 9 positive and none cured
  91. Vaccines, Pfizer also arrives in pharmacies
  92. Two cases throughout Tuscia, in Fabrica di Roma and Monterosi
  93. Vaccines for adolescents, 10 thousand doses in the first three months and 68 thousand euros went to pediatricians
  94. Coronavirus, today 2 thousand 968 new cases and 33 deaths
  95. In Tuscia nine new cases and three cured
  96. In Tuscia 5% of Covid positives hospitalized
  97. Cases on the rise, today 346 but hospitalizations and intensive care are decreasing
  98. Even more healed than new cases, today they are 17 against 7
  99. Covid seat for 42 voters, they will vote at home because they are positive
  100. Coronavirus, today 3405 new cases and 52 deaths
  101. “Cured by Coronavirus and with the first dose of vaccine I can’t get the green pass”
  102. Today 8 new cases and 8 recovered
  103. Yesterday a new hospitalization but the currently positive still drop

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