Accommodation near the Roma camp. Agents’ Wrath: “Treated Like Beasts”

Accommodation near the Roma camp. Agents’ Wrath: “Treated Like Beasts”
Accommodation near the Roma camp. Agents’ Wrath: “Treated Like Beasts”

The problem, it is clear, does not seem to have been solved yet. And the reports rain copiously, with the policemen engaged in Rome in view of the G20 decidedly upset by the accommodations assigned to them by the logistic office. In the capital, 2,400 “aggregate” currencies are converging to face a weekend that promises to be very hot, between the international event, the no green pass events and the protests against the government. Finding a place to sleep and eat in the wards of the other provinces is not easy, of course. However, the G20 had been planned for several months now. “And here we are exceeding all limits – explains an anonymous agent – Only because they recognize you a public order allowance of 20 euros gross a day they think they can treat people like beasts”.

One of the reports concerns the meals eaten by some agents sent to eat near the hotel where they are staying, “near the nomad camp “. The agreement concerns a restaurant located in the Tor Cervara area, east of the capital. As told by a report by, it is an area affected by several Roma camps. A patch of land dotted with slums and squatters. At 650 meters from the canteen there is the field of via Salviati. Less than two kilometers from the famous camp in via Salone. A little further on the occupied building in via Raffaele Costi. Without forgetting the ruined ruin between the 4th and 5th municipalities, where a dozen nomadic families live. “We are away from home for eight days – the agents complain – we are 30 km from the workplace, that is the place of the demonstrations, so it takes time to go and to return. They put us in a shitty hotel in the area Roma camp, with room problems and logistical difficulties. We eat meals in a place where you can also eat well, but outside it is a garbage dump. There are Roma everywhere ”.

Another round, other problems. This time it concerns the departments that go to the canteen in via Statilia, in the city center. “We worked all morning and arrived at 13.30 – says an agent – 10 financial vehicles arrived with us. From tomorrow there will be other contingents ”. The videos, that was able to see, they show a long queue to wait for the “ration” and not a few gatherings. “We left, looking for another place to eat. But how the fuck do these work anti-Covid standard?”.

After all, the trade unions have been in days, as reported by the, report problems on the coronavirus side. The Interior Ministry regulations would require agents to be placed in single rooms or, if not possible, in double rooms with the beds at least two meters apart. The photographs show that the rules are not always respected. Plus very often cops have to share bathrooms (however blind and without windows) with the risk of getting infected with each other. “The idea of ​​feeding hundreds of policemen aggregated in some canteens who already ordinarily serve many other colleagues is creating unacceptable gatherings”, writes Domenico Pianese, Coisp secretary general to the chief of police. “And it is no better for what concerns the housing aspect”, where the operators have found solutions that “do not care about the prescriptions for the containment of the Sars-Cov2 infection”.


Accommodation Roma camp Agents Wrath Treated Beasts

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