Continuity, Volotea: “With us 12 million savings for the Sardinia Region”

Continuity, Volotea: “With us 12 million savings for the Sardinia Region”
Continuity, Volotea: “With us 12 million savings for the Sardinia Region”

Twelve million savings for the Region from the new territorial continuity. This was stated by the president of Volotea, Carlos Munoz, this morning at Cagliari-Elmas airport, speaking of the award of the new tender.

“It would be nice – he suggested with a smile – to allocate these ‘saved’ figures to Montiferru. But this – he said to the regional councilors Chessa and Todde – is where you decide”.

The downside? “We think we have not made any miracles – he said – the structure of the company allows us to make these prices without losing efficiency. In this way we have also tackled all the problems related to Covid”.

THE OFFER – Going into detail, there are seven thousand four hundred and ninety flights scheduled for 2021, 3,500 more than in 2020. From January to October, 900 thousand seats are on sale, + 52% compared to last year.

“We did everything – said Munoz – from Wednesday to Friday: for us it was a kind of landing in Normandy. But we were interested in being reliable from day one. And we are satisfied since we are at 96/97% for punctuality. we care about Sardinia: we are also adapting to this sector of continuity “.

“We have found that there are new needs – he continued – and we are working to solve all the problems and difficulties because we want to do well in this sector. With or without continuity we are ready to invest in Sardinia. We estimate to employ around 200 people in our three operational bases regionally. We look forward to announcing important new investments soon “.

With reference to the prices “we have the continuity tariffs – specified the country manager Valeria Rebasti – with 39 and 47 euros excluding taxes. But we also have tickets for sale at those prices including taxes”. HOLIDAYS AND FLIGHTS – The regional councilor for transport Giorgio Todde then announced the agreement with the company to increase the flights according to the requests of the passengers, especially during the holidays.

“We are in constant contact with the company – explained Todde – and we monitor the traffic with the possibility of offering additional flights from the imminent long weekend in November. Of course this also applies to the Immaculate Conception and even more so for the Christmas holidays”.

NEW NOTICE AND SERVICES – Stretchers on board, dogs over eight kilos and unaccompanied minors in flight. They will be the key points of the new call for territorial continuity to and from the three Sardinian airports that is about to be issued by the regional council. Councilor Giorgio Todde anticipated this in responding to the controversy over costs incurred especially for health problems by Sardinian passengers.

The new services will be included in the call either as obligations or as a reward. “No announcement has ever foreseen them before – said Todde – we are evaluating how to insert them”.

Volotea is also ready to meet the needs of Sardinian passengers, as specified by the country manager Valeria Rebasti. “We are addressing – he explained – the issue of unaccompanied children, the transport of radio drugs, stretchers and the wider opening of the call center. It must be considered that these are services that require training and additional costs and therefore we are making evaluations. services will start by the beginning of the year “.

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