The andropause cannot (and must not) be a taboo anymore

Advancing age inevitably puts us in front of many changes, not only emotional, but also physical. And if for women, the arrival of 50 years coincides with the onset of menopause, for men it can go towards andropause. But this, following the most ancient clichés ofstrong and virile man, it is a reality that is still too often ignored or treated in the distance, like a myth. And instead the andropause exists and it cannot, and must not, be a taboo anymore.

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When in women there is a decrease in estrogen and progesterone, that period of life called menopause begins. The physiological change that affects men is different, in a gradual and differentiated way, when there is a drop in testosterone which usually happens with the approach of the fiftieth birthday.

Except that talking about andropause – the term chosen to indicate the natural change in old age of men, and which recalls female menopause – is almost a defeat for men, a wound of the ego that you want to hide at all costs. But that’s not how it should be viewed. Because the hands of the clock run for everyone and the inevitable change in our body must not become a shame or something to hide from the eyes of others.

Because if it is physiological that after the age of 40, in men, there is a slow and gradual decline in testosterone, which does not involve the obvious hormonal alterations that instead affect a woman during menopause, it is also true that there is no point in hiding the situation, because this only makes it worse, from a physical and above all emotional point of view.

And instead, the andropause it is so little treated that many men they even doubt that it really exists. Yet it is a condition that can be diagnosed and even prevented. It is clear that pretending nothing has happened is not an acceptable solution because not only does it risk the situation worsening, but also because the consequences on the personal and emotional level of the couple are inevitable.

Speaking openly about the andropause, and breaking all taboos, is therefore necessary for all men to feel at ease in facing this moment of their life, perhaps with the support and support of his partner, in addition to the doctor, of course. Furthermore, once diagnosed, the andropause can also be accompanied by individualized therapies, the same ones that can sometimes prevent and counteract it.

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