they wanted to bring the beers on board

they wanted to bring the beers on board
they wanted to bring the beers on board

The Ryanair flight of 6.45 in departure from Cagliari and arriving in Rome he has risked not leaving this morning. A group of a few dozen Roma fans he threatened to block the flight because it was him prevented from bringing beers on board.

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The plane then took off after more than 20 minutes of delay, but police intervention was required. The departure staff at the Sardinian airport challenged a fan for the decision to embark with several bottles of beer, in violation of the regulations. A discussion arose and the group of Roma fans he threatened, in fact, to block the departure as a sign of solidarity with his companion.

Police intervention was also required. After a lively discussion, the fan handed over the bottles of beer, a decision that allowed the boarding and subsequent take-off of the flight to Rome, albeit late. There were several protests from other passengers for the inconvenience.

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wanted bring beers board

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