land of saints, poets and 44 million navigators

land of saints, poets and 44 million navigators
land of saints, poets and 44 million navigators

In Italy they are 44.5 million unique users who surfed the net in June 2021. To arrive at this estimate is the Observatory on Communications of AGCOM, from which emerges an average of 57 hours of navigation per person per month. On average, in short, every Italian online surfs for about 2 hours a day. But the most important thing is that this time is spent mainly on social platforms: this consideration is enough to understand where a large part of the advertising market is directed, to the detriment of other references that therefore see increasingly scarce sources of livelihood based on this type of remuneration.

The time, the traffic, the network

Fundamental numbers, in short, to understand the market. For example, take a look at the continuous and now chronic decline in the world of print publishing:

The downward trend already recorded in the previous Observatories is confirmed: in June 2021, the sale of newspapers (paper copies and digital copies overall) amounted to approximately 49.5 million copies, down by 2% on an annual basis. With reference to the entire period considered (June 2017 – June 2021), the total daily paper copies sold by the main publishers went from 48 to 29 million units with a decrease of 40%. At the same time, digital copies are in sharp decline, if we consider the entire period (-5 percentage points) but on the increase if we consider the values ​​of June 2020 (+6 percentage points).

Not only do the copies sold on newsstands drop, but the attention collected online also drops. The result is a serious difficulty both in advertising sales and in being able to convert new users into renewed subscription formulas for digital access to content.

Streaming and video, meanwhile, are conquering mobile data traffic: the average monthly consumption increased to 11.7 GB / month, up by 27.9% on an annual basis (spread over 73% of the existing “human” lines). There are 105 million existing SIM cards.

Tim is first (28.8%), followed by Vodafone (28.7%) and Wind Tre (25.0%) while the new entrant Iliad stands at 7.4%. Considering only the SIM segment “human“, Ie excluding M2M, Iliad exceeded 10% with a growth of 2.0 percentage points on an annual basis, while Wind Tre, despite a share down by 1.8 percentage points, remains the main operator with 27, 0% followed by Tim with 26.0% and Vodafone with 23.5%.

In terms of fixed lines, TIM is the largest operator with 42.3% of the total, followed by Vodafone (16.5%) and Fastweb (15.1%).

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land saints poets million navigators

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