WEATHER NOTICE. Next 48 hours STORM APOLLO (probable Medicane) hits Italy, here are the consequences «3B Meteo

WEATHER NOTICE. Next 48 hours STORM APOLLO (probable Medicane) hits Italy, here are the consequences «3B Meteo
WEATHER NOTICE. Next 48 hours STORM APOLLO (probable Medicane) hits Italy, here are the consequences «3B Meteo

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Meteo, the predicted route of the Mediterranean cyclone

SITUATION. The Mediterranean cyclone Apollo (so officially named by the Berlin Meteorological Institute), probably with hurricane intensity and named accordingly ‘medicane‘which will have made its appearance on the lower Mediterranean on Thursday it will move north and on Friday it will reach its closest proximity to Ionian Sicily. It will involve a gradual worsening over the course of today on Sicily, but especially on Friday, when it will also involve Calabria with heavy rains and thunderstorms. It will be the Ionian sectors of the two regions to be directly involved, with intense rainfall that may give rise to new ones hydro-geological criticalities, also due to the strong winds that will blow around the cyclone. Its center, however, should not touch land on the Italian coasts, but remain off the Ionian Sea, even if its exact trajectory will be constantly monitored when the event is in progress. Saturday should even back towards South moving away from our Ionian coasts to return to the Libyan Sea, thus allowing an attenuation of the bad weather on Sicily and Calabria.

HURRICANE RISK. The Mediterranean cyclone will take on tropical characteristics, (or a TLC: tropical like cyclone) but it could also temporarily become a Mediterranean hurricane (Medicane) going up the warm waters of the Ionian, before being downgraded again to a tropical storm.

WEATHER THURSDAY. The first rains in Sicily, linked to the approach of the Medicane, will appear in the morning on the Syracusano and from the afternoon on the southern areas; they will intensify as the hours pass, affecting the central-southern sector of the island, in particular Syracusan and southern Catanese. Weaker phenomena on the northernmost areas, up to absent on the Tyrrhenian side. It will therefore still be a day of waiting after all, since the bulk of the worsening will occur on Friday, when the medical center will be closer. Sunnier and drier than the rest of the South. Strong east-northeast winds on the Ionian and Sicilian Sea, but gusts above 100km / h will occur between the southern Ionian and the Libyan Sea.

WEATHER FRIDAY. Bad weather even intense at the beginning of the day on Sicily and lower Calabria with showers and thunderstorms even strong on Ionian Sicily, rains also on the rest of the island but less intense, absent on the high Calabria with partial bright spells. In the day still bad weather on Sicily and lower Calabria with more intense showers on the Catanese and Siracusano with possible hydro-geological criticalities., in the evening on the lower Ionian Calabria, in particular on the Reggino, but sometimes intense phenomena will also affect the Messinese up to the Tyrrhenian side, where storms are not excluded. More sunny or veiled on the rest of the South. Strong northeastern winds on the Ionian coasts and the lower Tyrrhenian, gusts even over 100km / h around the center of the cyclone, up to 80km / h on Sicily and Calabria with peaks of 1000km / h on the Siracusano. Ventilation stretched from the northwest on the Sicilian Sea.

WEATHER SATURDAY. Still initial bad weather conditions on central-eastern Sicily and lower Calabria with even intense phenomena between Catanzaro and Reggino and possible storms, but with the passing of the hours they will gradually diminish with the last showers that will linger until evening on the Ionian side of Sicily. Still strong winds from the northeast on the Ionian Sea, tense from the northwest on the Sicilian Sea. Gusts over 100km / h offshore, but gradually attenuating during the day on our Ionian coasts.

ESTIMATED ACCUMULATIONS. Eastern Sicily and Ionian Calabria will be the sectors most exposed to the effects of the Mediterranean cyclone, with pluviometric accumulations that according to the latest modeling emissions between low Catanese, Siracusano and Ragusano they will be able to exceed 100mm only on Saturday, with consequent possible hydro-geological instability. Everything will depend on the exact trajectory of the cyclone, for which at the moment there are still no certainties: if its center approaches the coasts even by a few kilometers, the consequences could be even more important, while its greater distance would lead to more limited effects. We advise you to follow all the updates.

To know the expected thermal trend in the coming days, consult our thermal maps up to 10 days >> Here.

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