“Italy alive in the House voted yes, today it flirts with the League” – Corriere.it

“Italy alive in the House voted yes, today it flirts with the League” – Corriere.it
“Italy alive in the House voted yes, today it flirts with the League” – Corriere.it
from Alessandra Arachi

Alessandro Zan, first signatory of the bill stopped in the Senate: Today the political framework has changed, they speak like Salvini

ROME— Alessandro Zan, then? Your deadline bill, how do you feel?

I’m used to always thinking about what to do again the next day without stopping to even look at the defeats. But I didn’t really expect such a thing.

So heavy?
Yes, because the Democratic Party had calculated that on paper we had an advantage of at least 8-10 votes.

What happened in your opinion?

With the secret ballot it is not possible to know. We can never know for sure. But in the end the precise numbers in this case do not matter, they matter little.

What does it mean?

What a clear political picture. What happened in recent months.

And what happened?

Italia viva flirted with the center-right, with the League. After the change took place and Draghi’s government arrived, Renzi’s party took it into his head that he wanted to be the tip of the balance in the Senate. But maybe they didn’t realize what they were doing.

In what sense?

They approached the party that was a friend of Orbn and Duda, the Hungarian and Polish leaders. Orbn, understand? The one who voted for homotransphobic laws. Who shut the mouth of the reporters. Which closed the universities.

What do you mean when you say that Italia viva flirted with the League?

Just hear the statements of Davide Faraone, the president of Italy alive in the Senate. He speaks and it seems that Salvini is speaking.

What does he say?

What did he say in the last statement before the terrible vote on the non-passage to the articles of the text of my bill, we mean ?.

Let’s face it …

He spoke of the arrogance of the Democratic Party, of the Five Stars, of Leu. You closed your eyes and it seemed that Massimiliano Romeo, the League leader, was speaking. But not only.

What else?
Those from Italy alive told us that we had to mediate with the League. But how do you mediate with a party that since the Zan bill arrived in the Senate has done nothing but try to bury it. In the Chamber it was not like that.

How did it go to the Chamber instead?

When we voted for the Zan bill a year ago, Italia viva voted together with us and from Forza Italia they left freedom of conscience. Instead here in the Senate …

Here in the Senate what?

The law was crushed by political logic and parliamentary tactics functional to other matches. First of all that of the Quirinale. Forza Italia with this vote made the technical tests for the Quirinale elections.

Would Italia viva also participate in these technical tests?

Now I don’t even want to think about it. I don’t want to think that Italia viva was really capable of doing all this on the skin of people’s rights.

And now?

Now two years of work have been thrown into the bin. Italy remains one of the very few countries in Europe that does not have a civil rights law. We have been chasing it for almost thirty years. But I want to be optimistic.

How can one be optimistic today?

With the awareness that these two years of work have strengthened our country’s awareness of the importance of rights. How these rights are good for society.

Are you convinced?

Absolutely. Fortunately, our country is far ahead of its political class.

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